#5Fav: Cheap Books!!!

It’s that time of year when I start planning for next school year and begin hunting for books for Christmas gifts.  I have hit on some tremendous deals and am so excited, although I keep telling myself that I must pace myself because there are months and months until the new school year and even more until Christmas and I always end up with too many books!  Are there really ever too many books?  There are never too many children, that is for sure, Mother Teresa reminds us of that.  I think books would come in second behind children, there are always more to read and explore!  I’m linking up with Ashley to bring you my Fave Five places to find good books, cheap!

Have you heard of Thriftbook ?(affiliate link)  Oh, you are in for a treat. I discovered it a couple weeks ago and it is now my number one pick.  Oh, the books!!!!  A mother on the Mater Amabilis Facebook group recommended the site and I am so happy she did.  I purchased fourteen high quality, beautiful books for only $52.  Shipping is free on all orders over $10 and for every $50 you spend, you earn a $5 off coupon.  I know, it just keeps getting better!  When it is time to shop for books, definitely hit them first.   The only down side that I can see with the site is that browsing is not as easy as on Amazon or other large book sellers.  However, that hasn’t stopped me from buying a bunch of books and compliling a long wishlist.  Two of the new books arrived today and they are in fantastic shape, even though they were listed as “good condition.”  Thriftbook is a keeper.
Christian Book Distributors (affiliate link) is not a discount book store, however they have fantastic sales.  There is always a homeschool sale over the summer, that is when I purchase my consumables like handwriting along with Christmas gifts.  Their regularly priced books are often discounted from the list price.  Be sure to sign up for the coupon alerts, there are some great ones that come along each year. I purchased some Adventures in Odyssey Cd’s last summer to use as Christmas gifts, between their discounted prices and the 30% homeschool sale coupon, I got them for about half off the list price.
If you can get to a homeschool conference with a used book sale, you have hit pay dirt.  Honestly, you cannot believe what can be found and how much can be saved until you try it.  Since that isn’t always possible, there are online mom to mom sales that are just as amazing.  Cathswap, Homeschool Market, and Mater B/S/T are three of my favorites.  These groups seem to be gaining popularity and new ones are always popping up. I like that I not only get a deal but get to help out another mom.
Speaking of buying online, this one deserves its own listing.  The Facebook group Operation Adoption has absolutely incredible books, most new or like new, for highly discounted prices.  Not only do your dollars go further, they help bring a child to a forever home.  I could not help but support the latest sale wholeheartedly.  I planned on buying two books and ended up with a whole stack, but I am so excited about them.  I can’t wait to give them as gifts.  I really had to restrain myself, the books were that good.  Now, I must add that while I think there are never too many books, I also think that books need to be well written and good quality.  My favorite are beautiful picture books, the kind that don’t even need words, the prints are so captivatig.  We are a book collecting family, but we are also discerning readers.  The books on Operation Adoption may be low in price, but they are all high in literary value.  Please check them out and help bring a waiting child home!
There is no link for this, you will need to search yourself.  The hands down best places for books are library sales and thrift stores.  Seriously, I spent $2 at the last library sale and walked away with ten books, most of which were like new.  There are lots of people who don’t appreciate a good book, and children that outgrow books more quickly than expected.  These barely used treasures are often donated to thrift stores and libraries.  Your money helps with mission trips, charity works, and purchasing new books for a town library.  If you don’t know where any thrift stores are, check out The Thrift Shopper for a nationwide directory.  There is also Book Sale Finder, although I have never actually used this site, so I cannot speak to their reliability for information.
Where do you like to book shop?

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