7 Quick Takes: Free Summer Reading Edition

Well, there are still quite a few weeks of summer left, so it’s not too late to start reading. Here are some great summer reads that are free.

The Saints' Favorite Books
This first one is one that I have been so waiting for its release.  I have not gotten to read it yet, but it’s next in line.  Check out the free download on Brandon Vogt’s blog.  While you are there also read his post on building a free (or very cheap) Catholic e-library.  Both should keep you reading for a long time.

This is a short but powerful book.  It is a very easy read–mostly because it is so well written and really draws you in to want to know more–but definitely life changing.  I read this once last year, but I am hoping to read it again soon.    You can get a free copy on Connie’s blog, Contemplative Homeschool.
The book above can be borrowed for free from the Kindle Library.  I really recommend Cindy Rollin’s post on The Little Way in which she explains how she implemented what she learned from this book.  No time for a whole book?  Read the the excellent post instead (or read the post first and then borrow the book)  
A good complement to the “Little Way” post is this post on Baby Steps to Living the Liturgical Year over at Catholic All Year.  I longer post than the previous one, but so informative.  Feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of bringing the liturgical year home to your domestic church?  Feeling inadequate because you aren’t crafty, organized, or talented enough to pull off anything so impressive it will get published in a magazine?  Don’t worry, that’s not what living the liturgical year is all about.  Read this post and then take the first baby step toward building your domestic church. 
Free Catholic e-books as well as other resources are also available at Source of Light Monastary.  There is a little bit of everything here so you are sure to find at least one book you just must read now! 
I discovered the blog Simply Living for Him when I read Simply Homeschool.  A great book to read before starting to plan for next year.  Karen also has the above e-book for free on her blog.  While you are there, print a copy of her 31 days of prayer for your homeschool.  I plan on starting this prayer month on August 1st so my school will be steeped in prayer by day one! 
Free For Catholics Homepage 
There are books and more available at Free for Catholics.  Some items require the payment of shipping, but they are still a steal.  Browse the many lists of freebies geared just for Catholics and have fun “shopping” without spending a dime!  After all, a dime can feed two hungry children through Mary’s Meals so send it their way instead.
Do you have any great free resources or e-books to share?   

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