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When I began my homeschool, I thought I had it all figured out. I am a certified teacher and hold a Master’s degree in education. I knew how to teach and plan lessons, what else did I need?

As I quickly learned, teaching in a school and teaching at home are two totally different things. There were many lessons I learned the hard way. I became a student of my own school.

Over the years, I have helped a number of friends get started in their homeschool. (or restarted when they were overwhelmed and ready to quit). My work with these amazing moms is why I started Aurelius Cabrini. I want to help as many moms as possible.

Then I had an idea….what if I could teach other moms all the lessons I learned over the past 10 years to get them off on the right foot?

Welcome, Sound Foundations!

Top 7 Reasons you need to sign up:

Linking up with Kelly for seven super quick takes that will lead to your best homeschool year!


Save Money Planning Your Homeschool

Much of what I have learned has been through trial and error. When you are talking homeschool supplies, errors are expensive! I can’t promise you that you will never buy something you end up not using. However, with the tools I give you, you can have a better plan when purchasing curriculum and other tools.

Saving money makes everyone happy. If the homeschool community had its own Olympics, saving money would be a top event! We’re a thrifty bunch.

Get The Support You Need

Homeschooling can be hard but it isn’t impossible! The hardest part for many moms is finding the support they need. Support is essential to staying the course. We all have bad days. Everyone gets overwhelmed. Everyone has questions that need answers. We are human. Being a homeschool mom doesn’t mean you have super powers.

This course is so much more than a class because it has a built in support group that you get to keep. That means you will be a part of a community of like minded moms all on the same journey.  Plus, I will be there to answer questions that come up even months after the course is over.


Save Time Planning Your Homeschool Year

Do you like planning? I do! I am a planner….it’s my hobby! However, writing weekly lesson plans got overwhelming. I tried so many approaches but began to dread Sunday night because I knew I had to get my act together for Monday morning.


Planning saves time and most importantly minimizes stress for everyone. After a decade of planning the stressful way, I have come up with a system that allows me to plan an entire year in just hours.


AHHHH, that is the big sigh of relief that all my plans are done long before the year even began!


Learn What Your Family Needs

Homeschooling is about your family. It may be a worldwide movement, but it is still an individual experience. Every family is different. What works for one, no matter how amazing, may not work for yours.

Stop trying to keep up with the homeschooling “Joneses” and built your school to serve your family. That is a recipe for happiness!

homeschool success


Get Free Planning Tools For Your Homeschool Year

That’s right free!!! I have a collection of planning tools that would cost $47. I am offering them to everyone who takes my course for free. No need to reinvent the wheel. Along with the four class workbooks you receive, you will be able to download and print as many copies as you want of the tools you need.

Start your homeschool journey with a binder full of information, charts, tips, and more to serve you for years to come.


Participate in Live Question and Answer Sessions

Have questions? I have answers. This course includes access to four hours of live question and answer sessions. You will not just be taking a class and be left to figure it out on your own. Your fellow classmates and I are going to be there all the way.

What if you can’t make it to the live event? Well, glad you asked. It will all be recorded and available through your Facebook support group. You can go back and review any lesson or Q & A session. Plus, if you think of a question even weeks later, you can post it in the group and get the answers you need.

I am so excited about this feature, I cannot even tell you!


Save A TON of Money on The Course!!!!

Remember I said that homeschoolers like to save money!! I wasn’t kidding. All told, the cost of each component of this course would be over $800!!!!! I really poured everything I had into this and pulled out all the stops and whistles. I wanted everyone who participated to have everything she needed and then some.

However, I also want to reach as many moms as possible.  So, I am offering this entire package for only $197 until 7/20!!!!  You save $612.

homeschool moms

You may be thinking that is still too much money. However, you will save hundreds of dollars in the long run. I will teach you how to build a successful and thriving homeschool without having to rely on the big “box curriculum” companies.

Don’t get me wrong, some of them have amazing resources, but to purchase a full year for just one child can cost $500- $1,000 just in materials.  What if you spent less than half of that and learned to be confident and self reliant?

As proof that it is possible, I have spent less than $400 total to homeschool my 4 children next year. My oldest is in high school, my youngest in preschool. I have learned the tricks to saving bundles and still supplying the best education possible! Those I will share with you!

You have nothing to lose but possibly your sanity trying to learn it all the hard way like I did.

Save time. Save money. Reduce stress. Save your sanity. Succeed and thrive!!!!


You can learn more about the course at Sound Foundations. Have any questions, please comment below!

Thanks for stopping by, have an amazing day!