#7QT 7 Reasons I Took the Plunge

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Last June I was offered an irresistible deal.  If I agreed to give honest feedback, a coach would walk me through writing my first book! It has been a lifelong dream to be a published author. How could I say no?

I told my coach, my plan was to release the book in April 2019. She had other ideas!

“Jennifer, I expect it completed in 6 weeks.”

SIX WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I didn’t even have a book idea or a plan…off to the drawing board I went.

Calling All Experts

I have had a not so secret desire to be an expert and take my show on the road. I realized that this book could be my opportunity to launch this dream career. So what is my expertise?

Since I spend most of my days overseeing my children’s education, had just launched this blog, and am passionate about education, writing about homeschooling was a no brainer.

I had the experience, I had the inspiration. I had so much raw material. In some ways, I had been writing this book for the last ten years.

I Wasn’t Always an Expert

The real reason I dove into this project though, was I wasn’t always an expert. There was a time when I was just another mom seeking a better education for my children. I knew what I didn’t want and what truly mattered to me. Surveying the options, the pickings were slim.

What is a mother to do? If you are one that loves research, like me, you throw yourself into endless hours of digging deep into any subjects and taking copious notes. My research didn’t stop when my schoolroom opened, because I still had so much learning to do.

The Lonely Job of Figuring It out!

I had a passion for research and a heart to help, but that only got me so far in the moments of overwhelm. I wanted answers, I needed answers, but they were slow to come.

Why did it have to be this hard???

Why can’t I discover the secret code to the vault that held all the collected knowledge and explanations of generations of homeschooling families. I wasn’t inventing the wheel, I was just banging my head against the wall trying to reinvent it with a blindfold on.

A Vision is Born

What if I could write a manual on HOW to homeschool??

There are plenty of books out there on why or outlining specific philosophies. However, setting up day to day and building a homeschool that will last, well, that is mostly trial by fire.

With that in mind, I made my five step outline of exactly how a homeschool is built from soup to nuts, with a little garnish in between.

Knowing What I Know Now…

If I could go back to those early days a decade ago, what did I wish I had known? What could have saved me time, stress, money, and many sleepless nights on the Internet praying I could just hit the jackpot and end my search?

This is what I wanted to bring to the world. I meet SO many moms who say, “I wish I could homeschool but..” I want to eliminate the but…you know why? Simply because there is never a solid reason behind that but other than the support and resources are too out of reach and not every mom has the time of inclination to spend literally months of her busy life figuring it out.

The yellow school bus shows up everyday, easy decision. The homeschool train…it’s all underground with no marked entrance. Homeschoolers had a time in history where flying under the radar was necessary to survival. Those days are over! Let’s throw wide the curtains, already.

Blood, Sweat, and a Little Bit of Tears

With plan in hand, and in between the garden and swim lessons, I managed to get my five chapters and appendices written. I have never felt so accomplished in my life! I HAD WRITTEN A BOOK!!

Through the editing and review process, I realized just how much I had accomplished though. What started as a project to check one more line off my bucket list, grew into my life mission, the purpose of my business, and so much more.

It was all worth it. From the early years of struggling to the hair pulling hours of typing, revising, typing, revising, deleting and starting over.

Publishers are Worth Their Weight in Gold!

Self publishing is not for the faint of heart!! In the past when I saw how much publishers charged, or compared prices of books, I balked. What a racket!!!

No more my friends. Getting a book from idea to the bookshelf is no small feat. If not for my trusty editor, my manuscript may still be on the virtual publishing room floor.

I have been blessed with friends and colleague who have cheered me on, solved my problems, and stood by me until the end. I also need to heartily thank my husband who was tickled pink when I told him I was writing a book!

In the end, I have so much to be thankful for this thanksgiving.

You can learn more about me book on Amazon, or sign up for a free copy of chapter 1, here!

What book would you write?