#7QT Big Doings

Linking up with Kelly to bring you some coming attractions and, as my mother would have said, “Big doings!”  here at Veils and Vocations.

I have reopened my etsy shop and am stocking it to the brim!  In honor of my grand re-opening, I am offering free shipping for all my readers with coupon code FREESHIPMAY.  So, feel free to cyber mosey over and do some window shopping!
I have wanted, for some time, to write a book for young girls to learn about different Catholic orders complete with activities and trivia.  Seeing as it is a monumental task to just write a blog post, I am working on creating a resource page with links and info on as many orders as I can find.  Eventually there will be activities, too.  Please, keep your eyes open!
Also, in the works is a new mother/daughter program.   It’s still very much in the planning stage but will be out next spring.  I know, I am still getting the other one posted.  Please be patient, I am currently typing with three fingers while balancing a curious 5 month old and dodging a raucous 3 year old.  The title of the new retreat is set, ” Beauty, Truth, Goodness–Joy!”
I have decided that Veils and Vocations needs a little something.  So, next Tuesday, will be our first weekly link-up called Beauty Tuesday.   Come back here every Tuesday, for a link up to share all that is beautiful in the world as a refreshing little oasis against the hard struggle beating down around us.
Little Lady turned 5 months old–FIVE!  I am so enjoying my little Lovie-Lu but it is time to press the pause button.  Her first year is flying by too quickly.
School year is almost out in our little home academy.  Deo Gratis!!! I need a break.  So looking forward to June, our lazy month of family visits, sleeping in (well, as late as we can with the sun breaking through at 6 AM and a couple of little early birds in the family) and just not having to be anywhere every day.  The amount of energy it takes to get everyone out of the house for all these activities could power a small city!
Planning for next year has begun!  Have you started?  Did you ever stop?  Me, neither.  “Let’s Get Planning” posts are right around the corner.  I have lots to share including some great FREE, that’s right, FREE resources that just might save your sanity next year.
How is your week going?  Any big news in your neck of the woods?

2 thoughts on “#7QT Big Doings

  1. New to your blog … so excited to find it. Good luck with the book/resources about different orders. Very exciting, and there definitely is a need for more information. So many little Catholic girls never even SEE religious sisters in real life anymore. Also looking forward to your Tuesday link-up. Count me in!

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