7QT Giveaway week #1

Around Christmas time, on Facebook, there was a “pay it forward” challenge circulating. My sister posted an invitation to join the challenge and she would randomly bless you with a gift some time during the year. I signed onto hers and then posted the same challenge on my page…however, out of the ten people who should have volunteered to join on, only two signed up!  So, for the next eight Friday’s, I will be sponsoring giveaways of some of my favorite things and highlighting some of my favorite businesses. This are simple giveaways to bless one of my readers, no strings attached and I receive nothing in return other than the pleasure of making one of you happy!  So, this is week one.

I really, really, really like books.  So, my children have hundreds and I have read hundreds more from the local library.  I have a few tried and true favorites. Today I am going to share with you my new favorite series.
Some of our collection
It’s important to surround our children with beauty and goodness. In the board book department, I have found books that meet this criteria few and far between.  Then I discovered the Mini Masters series of books.  I purchased a stack for Little Man for Christmas, an extra couple just because, and then another for Easter. We now have most of the set, but I think that new ones have been released recently.
When Cowgirl was a baby, Baby Einstein was all the rage.  Everyone wanted everything Baby Einstein. While I liked some of the products–particularly the Cds–most of it seemed to be missing something. I appreciated the inclusion of fine art, but there always seemed to be a disconnect between the pictures and the prose–or the lack of prose.  One of my favorite features of Mini Masters is how a dear little story is woven into the pictures of paintings. The pictures are tied together so well.
I also enjoy that each book contains a wide array of examples of each artist’s work. For instance, Monet’ s book of course has the painting of the famous bridge and water lillies, but also includes his painting of turkeys. I never knew he painted turkeys!
The books are well constructed and able to withstand whatever a busy toddler can throw at them, such as throwing them!  The pages are high gloss and easy to clean. All the features that a mom appreciates.
Lastly, I must say that they are not just for young toddlers. I have used several in my preschool art class where the average age is 4.5 years. The children really enjoyed the stories and studying the various works of art. I feel that it made the art more accessible to them.
Here’s the giveaway! One of my blessed reader will win a box set of Mini Masters books, toddler crayons, and toddler markers.

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Contest closes April 24, 2015.

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8 thoughts on “7QT Giveaway week #1

  1. This looks like a fabulous series!! I love the bright colors! I had been looking for something as a prelude to child-size masterpieces because my little boy is still a bit too exuberant for less than durable postcards and this would be great! Thanks for the introduction and the chance to win đŸ˜‰

  2. These look wonderful! I have been looking for a good introduction to art for my little ones, especially my 4-year-old, who loves anything artistic. Thank you for the opportunity!

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