7QT Review and Giveaway–Holy Heroes

Thank you for bearing with me as I attempt to get back up to speed!  Don’t forget about the summer reading bundle giveaway that closes tonight!

Have you heard of Holy Heroes?  If you haven’t, you must check them out. I know I have mentioned them before. They really are my favorite Catholic family business, mostly because they are a truly Catholic family who run a business aimed at making everyone’s family better Catholics.  There are many small businesses with Catholic stuff, not that there is anything wrong with that but sometimes stuff is just stuff, very few really teach and preach the Faith like Holy Heroes. My family is hooked!
I have so many favorites from Holy Heroes, it is difficult to narrow it down into Seven Quick Takes. So here are five favorite product lines/services from Holy Heroes.  First off are the wonderful “Adventures” sponsored by Holy Heroes. They are free to join and have become a staple in our home for Advent and Lent.  Kids teaching kids to love God and follow His Commands, excellent!  The adventures are entertaining, informative, and truly inspiring for the whole family.  If you are looking for a way to live the Liturgical year at home, look no further. This is the easiest way to bring your faith home, and did I mention it’s free!
Glory Stories are CDs or MP3 downloads of dramatized lives of saints. The stories are written and produced by the Holy Heroes family and include actors from their family and community.  Saints come to life and really touch the hearts of all who listen. My children cannot get enough of these. We have about five, I wish I could afford to buy them all, though. Even though we don’t have that many, my children listen over and over and over, again, to these stories.  The saints become their friends and inspire them to do better. What I like best is that while these are produced for children, they are not watered down. The story told is the complete story!
As part of the CD line, there are five Rosary cds.  Now, there are many rosary cds out there.  What makes these special is that first they are lead by children. However, my absolute favorite part is that each mystery is so well explained. After the initial presentation of the mystery after each Our Father, there is a Bible verse that tells the story of the mystery read after each Hail Mary of the decade.  It helps everyone focus and really meditate on the mystery, not just say the words.
The final CD that I would like to highlight is the Stations of the Cross.  Ours has gone missing, so I must get a new one before Lent begins. We seriously missed having it this year. It was a wonderful way to fruitfully pass our time in the car during Lent. As with all the Holy Heroes CDs, it is well dramatized, entertaining, yet reverent.
Lastly, Holy Heroes makes coloring books of the Life of Christ. Each book corresponds to a set of mysteries of the Rosary. The books are well laid out, pictures are detailed, but still easy to color.  We have a set that we bring to Adoration for when certain little boys get a little wiggly. đŸ™‚

Now, for the giveaway!  One of my blessed readers will receive TWO Glory Story CDs, Volumes 1 and 9. (These are my children’s favorites, although there isn’t any that they don’t like.) Also, The Childhood of Jesus coloring book. Simply visit Holy Heroes and tell me what Glory Story you would like to experience in the comments below. Entries close June 12th at midnight. Winner will be announced on the 13th.
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    " It was a wonderful way to frightfully pass our time in the car during Lent."

    Um . . . I think you mean "fruitfully."

    Sorry, but my proofreader's eye couldn't pass that one by!

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