A Catholic American Girl

This is a very short post to introduce you to my next project.  Did you know that there is a Catholic American Girl??? I didn’t realize it until recently.  Cowgirl has begun reading through the Josefina story books and it suddenly hit me–unit study!!!  Then I started reading The Little Oratory, and I thought–Catholic unit study!

In the next few weeks, I will be outlining a unit study that will be divided into four main topics: faith, food, fashion, and fun.  We may even throw a little fiesta and fandango in there, too.  (I may be more excited about his that Cowgirl!)  So stay tuned…

I plan to have this all laid out with plenty of time to use it next school year as a homeschool study, Church book club, or extra family fun.  If you do not have the Josefina books, check your local library.  I actually got a great deal on a number of Josefina related books and items on both Amazon and ebay.

Any suggestions of what should be included in our study?

Come back and see my “Christmas in Almost-July” post–lots of helpful hints and links.

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