A First Birthday in Seven Quick Takes

I promise I will get back to some more serious blogging next week, but I had to share some more about Little Man’s birthday.  It was a happy, happy, happy day–but a little sad, too.  Time flies by too quickly and kids grow up too rapidly, wish it could all just slow down a bit.

The day started out with a visit to Little Man’s Godparents’.  There he was serenaded with two rounds of Happy Birthday by his Godmother, siblings, and “Godsiblings.”  He then got to open some very thoughtful and faithfilled gifts.  (His Godfather was at work.

We then headed down to Picture People at the mall.  It was quite a task to keep a very active toddler in one place long enough to get a picture taken.  It took a lot of tries but we ended up with some beautiful shots.  I had been praying that I had the willpower to stick to my plan and not over-buy pictures. Usually they print out the best ones and frame them, and then as you sit there looking at your beautiful baby trying to decide what to buy you think of how that precious picture will just end up in the garbage and the tears start to flow and then the money starts to add up–or is that just me?  Anyway, the printer was on the fritz so they didn’t get to print any samples and it was much easier to say no.  Phew!  Deo Gratis.  
I used a Groupon that cost $16 for a huge package and then just bought one sheet of a second pose for $20.  All in all not bad, but you can bet I was calculating how many children I could have fed through Mary’s Meals….

While we were waiting for the pictures to be ready for viewing, the boys did a lot of milling about.  Thankfully the mall was quiet and I could let them burn off some steam walking in circles.

After about 40 minutes of milling about I was tired of corralling and the kids were ready to climb the walls.  The photographer came out and let us know about the printer problems and we decided to take a walk around the rest of the mall. Buddy needed sneakers anyway, and at least it gave us a change of scenery for awhile.  While walking to the shoe store, we stopped and bought a cup of pretzel bites to share.  Little Man had fun mussing them up and sucking on them, but I don’t think he actually ate any.
On our way out of the mall, we passed a mini-carosel with three spots.  I decided to treat the kids–after all it was a birthday trip!  So, here is an adorable picture of my little guy and a not so flattering one of me attempting to keep up with the spinning ride.

Once we got the pictures printed, it was time to make the hour trek home.  Unfortunately, I hadn’t gotten to start dinner before we left.  When we arrived home everyone was hungry and tired, thankfully Buddy set up a “babysitting service” for me on the kitchen floor and entertained Little Man with the building blocks.  
This is not a very quick take.  For Little Man’s birthday dinner we had salmon cakes, sauteed broccoli greens from his Godmother’s garden, lot of fresh veggies and dip, just picked wild raspberries and some of the couscous left over from the feast of St Martha.  Little Man ate and ate.  Though, once he started eating raspberries, he wanted nothing else.  
After dinner it was time for cupcakes.  He wasn’t sure what to do with it but definitely didn’t want to eat it.  I smashed and smushed; banged and smeared.  I tried putting some into his mouth and he just made a face and beat up the cupcake more.  He did have fun “painting” in the frosting. After so much fun and drumming, the tray fell off!!  It was a lot of partying, but we all enjoyed it. 

I should also point out that the birthday bib was Buddy’s, he found it last August and asked me to keep it safe so that Little Man could use it for his birthday. At the time, that felt so far away….

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