A Heavenbound Letter to my Mom

Today would have been my mother’s 63rd birthday.  We miss her so much, but she is at the great Heavenly banquet–what a way to spend a birthday!

Dear Mommy,
Today is your first Heaven birthday. I wish that you were here. I wish you’d bake your own cake and cook a low fat meal. I wish that you could grow old and then”remember when.” I wish you could see my kids sprout up and start to spread their wings. I wish we could go shopping, then stop for a treat and sip and chat about the deals we got, the lovelies we couldn’t buy, and all the gifts we still need but don’t remember why. I wish that you could set up “Camp Grandma” as you always dreamed, take all the kids cook and bake, craft and swim, sing and dance the day away. I wish that you could arm yourself with every cleaning tool and scrub 76 Sammis ceiling to floor until every inch gleamed, instead of strangers tromping through, and furniture taking leave. I wish that we could have a holiday, crammed in that dining room, kids screaming, endless plates of food, bigger piles of dishes, carols sung too loudly and clearly out of tune, teasing, joking, hugging, laughing, a little bickering, and talk of “Griswold Christmas” past. I wish that you could call me and have so much to say. I wish I knew how I’d miss you when you were still the person I thought you’d always be. I wish you could beam with pride as the children finish their studies to become what they are meant to be, walk down the aisle, then happily become a family of three. I wish that you could tell us about all the things we’ve found, I know they were your treasures but we don’t know why or how. I have so many wishes, but they all are just for ME. How could I begrudge you what you have, where the weather is “picture perfect” and the view “Phen-nom-en-nal!” I miss you and wish so much to have you back, that our Christmas gift could have been a second chance with you but know deep in my heart, you have the best there is, you rest safely in His arms, with Daddy by your side and have a gift I could never give–everlasting peace!
Love Always,

At my sister’s wedding, our last big family event with both my parents alive and well!

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