A Lilla Rose Review and Giveaway in 7 Quick Takes!!!!!


Christine at Memories of a Catholic Wife and  Mother generously offered to sponsor a giveaway if Cowgirl and I would try out and review one of Lilla Rose ‘s products.  We had fun “window shopping for a few days. So many clips, so little time!!  Fairies, horses, flowers, sparkles, oh, my!  It was almost impossible to choose just one. Cowgirl finally bit the bullet and chose the Turquoise Tranquility. She also has a short wishlist for Christmas. (Linking up with Conversion Diary)

Ok, so this may sound silly, but Cowgirl was very excited by the decorative envelope clip packaging.  She admired it, described it in detail to me, then proceeded to embellish it with markers and pens. This all brought back memories of her third birthday when she opened a bag of craft supplies from her Godmother and then proceeded to create elaborate mixed media collages with all of the gift wrappings…completely ignoring the toys inside.  She loves packaging, tissue paper, glitter, pom poms, ribbons, and glue.  But, I digress…


Once the thrill of the classy packaging passed, we began playing with the clip. We pulled her hair back, twisted it up, made a bun, tried a messy updos…on and on. In fact, as I type, she is still experimenting. Cowgirl has invented three new hairdos since I began this post.  The versatility of the flexi-clip is a definite plus.  One clip, endless possibilities.  I’m hoping to catch a picture of her “twirly-bun-with-half-a-ponytail”

Now, Cowgirl inherited my hair, she looks just like her father but has my hair. As a child, the barrettes would literally slide out of my hair before your very eyes.  So getting anything to stay in her hair is a thrill. The clip was a little too heavy to hold in just a ponytail, although I think a smaller clip would work fine. However, it stayed beautifully in all the other updos all by itself. Usually to keep Cowgirl’s hair in a twist or bun, I need to pull it into a ponytail with a hairtie, then use at least 6 bobby pins to pin down the style, spray it with hairspray and hope it will hold for more than an hour. With buns, I usually put an additional hairtie around the outside of the bun.  She enjoyed having so little in her hair and no hair pulled by plastics nor bobby pins poking into her scalp. In fact, the only thing that shook the clip lose was her second change at co-op when she went from ballet clothes back to her regular outfit.  She has worn the clip everyday this week and has only taken it out when she decides to do more experimenting with hair styles. Normally, I would spend time doing her hair only to see it out twenty minutes later because either the hair didn’t stay or she couldn’t stand everything that was holding her hair in place and pulled it out herself.  In fact, the only negative I have to share is I wish these clips weren’t made in China.

Cowgirl and I have wanted to do a fundraiser for Mary’s Meals. So, for every new fan of Veils and Vocations, we will donate $0.25 which will feed five hungry children.  For every order, we will donate $1 to feed twenty children.  So it is a win win for you, me, and Mary’s Meals.

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat!  Make shopping easy for the girls and ladies on your list and buy one of these beautiful, functional clips. Use this link, so that I can keep track of how many orders.  Christine is offering a buy three, get one free sale to all new customers. You could have shopping in the bag in no time.

The take you have been waiting for, a giveaway of any clip of your choice (up to $16 value) for one of my blessed readers.  Enter in the raffelcopter below! Please note, you MUST complete the first option on the Rafflecopter to enter, thanks. Best wishes!!

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  1. Thanks for the wonderful review. Yes, you are right a smaller flexi clip would hold Cowgirl's hair in a ponytail. 🙂 God bless you for trying to help Mary's Meals.

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