A Little Break

I am sorry that I have been off line all week. It has been a rough week. I lost my grandmother, my best friend, early Thursday morning.  I am really struggling with all the emotions and deep sense of loneliness.  She fell gravely ill on the fifth anniversary of my father’s passing and quietly slipped away hours later. I cannot even begin to express how broken my heart is, nor how much I will miss her. I will be taking another week off. So, I am extending both giveaways by one week. Doll dress giveaway will be announced next Saturday, May 23rd. Book giveaway will be announced May 30th. So, there is still time to enter!  Thanks and God bless.

5 thoughts on “A Little Break

  1. Oh, Jennifer, I'm so sorry to read this news. Sending many prayers for you, your grandmother, and the rest of your family right now.

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