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A Mom’s Celebration of a Broom

Ode to a Broom

You read that right! This post is written especially for my amazing new broom. There was a point in time, even as a mom, when I never would have believed that I would be this excited about a broom. However, my new Norwex broom is the best broom ever. My floors are cleaner and it’s taking me less time to sweep them. Can I get an Amen??

However, this post isn’t really about the broom. It’s about why I bought the broom. I know that buying a broom may not seem exciting, but you see there was a time when I thought being a good mom meant giving everything to my kids and husband and just making due for myself. For instance, if my broom was wearing out, well, I would just sweep harder or more often. Spending money on a broom was silly, I needed that money for other more important things.



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Just a Mom!

I knew my homeschool needed supplies, my husband needed tools for his work. Me, I was just a mom!

HOLD ON A SECOND! No one is ever just a mom. I had a job and I had needs. Sure my sweeping the floor was not glamorous and didn’t pay the bills but it did serve my family. My family needs a clean home. They need to have order and consistency. Serving my family through housework is part of my calling as a mom. That makes what I do super important! Homeschooling and raising my family IS my primary career, so I started treating it that way.

When I started buying what I needed to do my job, I went from burned out to confident. My epiphany is what led me to building this business. I wanted to give other moms the tools and support they needed so they could avoid the burnout that plagued me for so many years. I want moms to have the information they need to make informed and confident decisions.

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Walking in Confidence

It can be difficult to make the decision to homeschool confidently. There is so much static clouding your judgement, you are deciding to swim against the tide, often with little support from family and friends. Confidence is not a word I would have used to describe my early homeschool days. I wanted to be confident but between my unanswered questions and the pressure of those around me, I was second guessing every day.

How about you? Where are you in your journey to confidence in yourself, your homeschool, and the importance of the job you are doing? It isn’t something that happens overnight but changing your mindset from “I’m just a mom.” to “I am a mom with an important job to do.” is the first step.  I’m here to tell you that if you are homeschooling or considering homeschooling, you are definitely an amazing mom doing amazing work!

Monday Morning Pep Talk

Consider this your Monday pep talk. My week is so much sweeter because I invested in myself and my career raising my family for God. I laughed at myself that I was dancing through my halls ecstatic over a new piece of cleaning equipment. I realized that I had officially become my mom! (Oh, how she loved to clean!!) I can’t say I like sweeping, but like all things, when properly supported with the right tools, it has so helped me get the task done.

What task are you struggling with? Have you stopped to think what you need to make it better? Motherhood is not easy, it is work for sure! However, you, sweet mama, are worth more than gold. Hold your head high and take a deep breath. You can do this, but please don’t do it alone or short change yourself by not meeting your needs.

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