A Mother/ Daughter How-To

For over a decade, I worked for a local diocese in various capacities hosting what we called “Mother/daughter”s.  These were essentially afternoon retreats for tween/pre-teen girls and their mothers.  Our goal was to open communication between mothers and daughters, while instilling the Truth (with a capital T) of God’s design for womanhood.  We hosted various talks, always had a lovely tea party, and offered a huge selection of resources, among other things.  It was always a touching and exhilarating experience.  The mothers who participated were always thankful and the daughters inspired.  It was some of the best work I ever did in my life and my one salary was the deep sense of gratitude I felt at being privileged enough to be part of such an amazing project.

That program, unfortunately, ended.  After being a part of something so profound for so long, and helping scores of mothers and daughters bond as they faced the life changes as blessings not misery; I found myself with no outlet for my own daughter who is on the cusp of her tween years.  So, friends of mine and I have banded together to create our own mother/daughter experience for our girls on a smaller scale this June.

Every year, as part of Little Flowers, I hosted a Mother/Daughter tea with a different theme.  They were all little baby steps toward what I felt the girls needed to know as they blossomed into womanhood.  These tea parties, weren’t just a time to dress up and eat fancy foods.  My main goal was to create in them a love of who God made them to be, and an abiding trust in who He wanted them to become. This upcoming Mother/daugher is really just the next step on the journey.

Over the years, I have read countless books, given talks, and researched teens and the world around them.  Touching the lives of these young girls and supporting the moms became a great passion of mine.  So in the coming weeks, I am going to offer a series of articles that gifts to you what it took me a decade to learn.  I am going to include outlines of tea parties for young girls and teens; the scripts of my talks, where to find resources, and lists of books that every girl and/or mom need to read.  At the end, you too will be able to establish your own Mother/daughter program and begin to spread light one girl at a time.

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