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The Benefits of a Passion Filled Education

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What’s your passion? Young children are full of passion. They fall in love with dinosaurs and spend their entire life learning, playing, and dreaming about them. They discover a favorite story character and it becomes the center of their world. We often dismiss this as childish whims. We indulge their obsession, thinking this time of fantastical ideas will pass and real learning will begin. That usually happens around five years old when the endless hours of day dreaming are interrupted by formal education. The passions fade to hobbies or interests, and children become focused on a common goal–completing their education.

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Where are you going?

Fast forward about ten years, and everyone wants to know what this same child wants to be when he finishes school. Where are you going to college? What are your future plans? Where will you get a job? What is you major? We are shocked when most teens answer, “I don’t know.”

We shouldn’t be, though. For over a decade, they have been just trying to keep up, tow the line, and make it to the finish line. Discovering who you are and what you want to become, is usually not part of the curriculum. However, it absolutely should be. Homeschooling presents a very special advantage in this realm. Even in places with significant restrictions or regulations, parents have the opportunity to tailor build an education that not only teaches what the child need to know, but prepares her for who she is destined to become.

A Super Special Mission

We each have a mission in this lifetime. That mission is as unique as our fingerprints. Completing a mission requires passion and drive. Where do they come from? They come from discovering exactly who you are and what you are meant to do. Now, sometimes this missions take a lifetime to uncover. But, it probably would take less people decades to know what they want to be when they grow up, if they were allowed to kindle those burning passions while still in school.

Childhood is a time of learning and growth. There are lessons that must be taught. What if we soaked those lessons in pursuing passion?

A Revolutionary Education

Ready to rebel against the status quo? Let’s raise a generation of prepared, capable, passionate, driven, and mission driven adults. Imagine that! Homeschoolers can and will change the world. Let’s take the freedom and opportunities homeschooling affords and build something amazing for our children.

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How do you support your child’s passion?

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