Angel of God, My Guardian Dear

Today is the Feast of the Holy Guardian Angels.  It is a good time to get reacquainted with your Divine appointed guardian.  Throughout my life there have been times that my Angel has been so close I could physically feel him.  I suppose that our angels are always close, we just aren’t attuned to their presence.  When I was twenty years old, I was in a bad car accident.  The exact details of what happened, I don’t remember. What I do remember is that I was bit by some type of insect while driving and then I was barreling toward a telephone pole. The pole snapped when I hit it, sprung up and then came through the windshield. It landed in the passenger seat. My friend, Lucy, was supposed to be in that seat, she changed her mind about joining me at the last minute.  I never touched the brakes nor panicked. The irony is that I had just had the brakes replaced the day before. As my car headed straight for the telephone pole, I remember thinking, “I’m going to crash into that pole, but it will be alright.”  I remember something else, too, someone behind me, with arms wrapped around my chest, holding me still. My head never hit the steering wheel, and though the glass completely shattered, I received no cuts or damage to my face and arms.  In fact my only injury was a small cut that I received sliding out of my seat over a shard of glass. It only required two stitches.  My car was beyond repair.

The feeling of those arms has never left me. When I told people that my head had not moved, they did not believe me. I was told that things happen so quickly in an accident we are unable to process them. However, I know I saw the entire accident and never flinched. Those arms were my Angel and once again I realized, God had a bigger purpose for my life. My time and tasks were not complete.  I am still praying for that purpose, to discover my divine vocation.  Perhaps writing this post is it, I suppose I will never know my true purpose this side of Heaven.

Today, we read The Angels God’s Messengers and Our Helpers by Father Lovasik, S.V.D.  At the end, Cowgirl remarked, ” There are four angels right here in this room!” I told her there are probably more, we are surrounded by the holy presence of His messengers and guardians.  Then I began to think of the guardian angels who lose their post through this culture of death, how sad a turn of events for them; but how comforting to think that even those who are unloved, abused, abandoned, disposed of, rejected, and forgotten pass through their trials wrapped in the attentive, affectionate arms of their Angel. No one is ever truly alone.

We will be adding the Guardian Angel Prayer to our Morning Meeting.  Do you have any Angel stories to share?

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