April Showers Bring More than May Flowers

It’s spring which means your mailbox will start filling up with homeschooling catalogs. Are you drowining in them? Overwhelmed by the piles of options and ideas? Spring is a time for new beginnings and fresh starts. Homeschooling is a beautiful journey that is as unique as the families that choose to do it.

In my post featured over at Raising Human Beans, I dish out some advice on how to handle the avalanche of catalogs coming your way and use the teaming showers of options to thrive and bloom next year.  Don’t look at another catalog–or order anything!–until you read through how to navigate the catalog onslaught without drowning!

Whether you are a brand new homeschooler, or been at it awhile, this easy step by step process will help you have the best spring ever, and save you enough time and money to go plant some spring flowers of your own!

You can read my post here!

What’s your favorite homeschool catalog that comes each spring?