intro art bundle

Give Your Family the Joy and Passion for Art

What would you say if I asked you to draw a picture for me? Are your palms getting sweaty? Your heart beating a little faster? Moreover, you probably are thinking, “But I have no artistic ability. I’m just not gifted!” So, imagine how you would feel if I told you, you are wrong. You really are a art genius! The joy of painting and drawing is not just for the gifted. In fact, everyone has the ability and desire to create.

I Wish I Were Gifted

Young children know they are art geniuses. They dive in and create masterpieces. Their imaginations run wild. However, at some point, they realize their pictures are not realistic. So, they think they can’t draw. However, no one taught them how to draw. Imagine if only gifted children were taught to read or play piano.

Beyond the Stick Figure Introduction to Drawing course provides the essential, foundational drawing skills every child needs. For the next 5 days, you can get three of their introductory courses for only $39!! That is 66% off the retail price if bought individually. Everyone can draw and paint, they just need the skills and an opportunity to practice.

intro art bundle

The Beyond the Stick Figure Introduction to Drawing Bundle includes:

You save almost $50!!

Give your family the joy of creativity and confidence. Ignite the passion for art in your homeschool this year! Each course is designed for ages 5-95. They each include lessons in technique and skills, opportunities for practice, engaging projects, and built in assessment. Drawing is not just fun, it is a brain building activity.  Grab this offer before it goes away!