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Autumn Possibilities and Printable

The leaves are piling up outside my window! Even though this has been the most dismal autumn I can ever remember, I truly enjoy this time of year. So much fun to be had! Apple picking, pumpkin carving, hayrides, even just taking in the fall colors, every day is an adventure.

This was my mom’s favorite time of year, too. She would glory in the natural splendor and get so excited decorating our home. Autumn was not just a season, my mother made it an event. So, autumn is a little bittersweet. I remember fondly the memories we had and miss those that never got to be!

Then there is the cornucopia of foods! My favorite foods are all autumn time foods. The pumpkin pie, pumpkin custard, pumpkin muffins and soup…okay, so pumpkin anything is good in my book! Then there are the apples, cider, fresh harvested squash and Brussels sprouts. The spices, the sweetness, the crispness of the fruits and air. What is there not to like about Autumn?

free fall printable

What is there not to like about Autumn?

Division….yup, that’s what there isn’t to like! Really, I don’t mind teaching math, but I have to be honest, division has been the bane of my existence since fourth grade. As I am practicing it and reviewing it ONCE AGAIN with my 10 year old, I am remembering how much practice it takes to master. As well as, how much I dislike having to practice division.

However, practice makes progress and to become an effective anything, one must learn to study and practice!

 Practicing Division in Style

I was excited when contacted me and offered me some free worksheets. When asked what topic I would like, I of course said division. If we need to practice, we might as well do it with a bit of flare and style! The worksheet is nicely laid out and has beautiful fall leaves along the bottom. Don’t know if my son will appreciate it, but it has brightened up my practice time with him for sure!

So, “Fall” into the fun of changing seasons with this division practice worksheet! For more fun math activities, go to

Be sure to grab your free division worksheet and answer key, today!


More Autumn Fun!

Perhaps division just isn’t your thing this year. Or maybe you are a division master and don’t need worksheets–bless you! Here are some other fun Fall printables to check out.

So my kindergartener doesn’t feel left out, I am smitten with this Fall Fun for Kindergarteners pack! Simply adorable and so much fun!

Then there are these gorgeous printables and unit studies for little people. I teach preschool at the fine arts school my children attend. I have been looking for some fall fun to do with them! The FALL Fun pack is perfect. Of course, then I found the Woodland Creatures Fall Themed pack and now I can’t decide. Which one would you pick?? If I saw these kids for more than 30 mins per week, we would be doing both…..

How’s your fall going? Have any amazing resources to share?