homeschool art program

Beyond the Stick Figure Art Program

homeschool art program

Welcome to the art class built for you!

Looking to add art education to your day but don’t have the time or energy to come up with it yourself. Besides, you aren’t an artist- or are you? Beyond the Stick Figure creators, homeschool moms passionate about the arts and supporting families like yours, believe everyone is an artist. You just need to be taught the skills and inspired to follow your creative passions.

  • Easy to use lessons
  • Whole family can participate together
  • Built in assessments
  • Taught incrementally

Beyond the Stick Figure Art Program is:

  • Designed for the Whole Family!
  • Incremental for Success!
  • Ready to Open and Go!
  • Engaging and inspiring!

art for your family


You will not come across projects like that in Beyond The Stick Figure. Every lesson is carefully planned and every skill needed is practiced. The skills gradually build upon one another and soon the child is drawing things they could not have tackled before beginning the course.

Marla, Jump into Genius

I’ve always wanted to add homeschool art classes to our homeschool portfolio. Every year I make an attempt to compile an art curriculum my kids will be interested in and pretty much fail. It’s been a struggle until this year. This year, I’ve found an artistic treasure! Beyond the Stick Figure is a wonderful homeschool fine art education program designed by homeschool moms.

Melanie, Educating the Campbells

Every one of my students looks forward to doing this program and enjoys the new lessons… and I do as well. Sometimes the most critical ingredient to the long-term success of a homeschool program is really whether or not mom likes it! I’m a fan. And I think we’ve finally found a program that fuels the joy of creating instead of trying to compartmentalize it.

Melody, The Essential Mother


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