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I am taking a break from the “Talk” series to offer this list of recommended readings.  When I worked on the Mother/Daughters, one of my favorite assignments was when I became the coordinator of resources to sell and give away.  I enjoyed researching the products and reading the books to come up with the best resources there were.  The following list of books is a sample of what we offered at our “book shop” for each retreat.  I have read through all of them at some point.  If you have other books to recommend, please leave a comment. Please note that most of these books, unless otherwise noted, are linked to CBD website.  I am in the process of becoming an affiliate with CBD and so these may soon be updated as affiliate links.  Thank you.

For the Girls
The Princess and the Kiss
This is a favorite of mine.  I recommend that you also purchase the Life Lessons from the Princess and the Kiss, also by Jennie Bishop.  It is a story that is so rich that young children will enjoy the tale and beautiful illustrations, but older girls will get the deep messages of this allegory.
 The Princess and the Three Knights   -     By: Karen Kingsbury
This next one we discovered in a church library and really enjoyed checking it out over and over again.  It is a great tale of what it means to be pure and the importance of boundaries.  Again, it is good for younger children and tween girls.
The Body Book   -     By: Nancy RueThe Beauty Book: It's A God Thing   -     By: Nancy Rue
These two books always sold out before the half way point of the retreat.  They are written in an easy to read format and present the types of things tween girls like to know, like hair-do how to’s, from a Godly perspective.  There are many books in this series and they go in and out of print, so buy them when you can and realize that there are many covers for these books.
Ablaze: Stories of Daring Teen Saints  -     By: Colleen Swaim

This another really popular book.  It is also well written and engaging, and it tells the life stories of teens who have been canonized.  There is also a sequel Radiate, but I have not read that, yet.

I like this book because it is presented like a “tween” magazine and includes all the features girls like from those types of magazines but is wholesome and Godly.  It teaches positive body image and relationships in a chaste way.  I have given this many times as gifts. It is not available on CBD.
One of the only Catholic series out there fr young girls, this was also a show on EWTN for awhile. Many of these titles are out of print and selling for obscene amounts of money.  However, I see that Amazon has some for sale.   Only two titles are currently available on CBDTruth for Teens andAll Things Girl: Friends, Fashion and Faith Journal. EWTN also has a video out now, I have never seen it but thought it was worth noting.

Beautiful Girlhood   -     By: Karen Andreola

This last one, I just recently picked up and have read the first couple of chapters.  It is beautifully written and absent of the strong imagery and explicitness often present in more modern tween books.  There is also a companion book to use as a mother/daughter study.

I will be posting a list of books for mothers later this week.  Thanks.

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