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Why you need to attend a homeschool conference this year!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!! Homeschool conference season is kicking off! Yippee! I love a good conference, don’t you? Here are five reasons why you should attend a homeschool conference this year!

Books, Books, Books, Books, and More Books!

Ok, so I am not going to lie. My favorite part of any convention are the books and resources. Not only are there special deals, but you get to discover new resources you never knew existed. Some of these discoveries have been our favorite tools and books, ever. Planning for the next year is always a mix of excitement and overwhelm. Homeschool conferences offer opportunity to experience curriculum outside of the catalog vacuum, where everything sounds like a must have but all you can see if the front cover of each book. Besides, shopping for books makes me very happy.

Inspiring Speakers full of Encouragement

By late spring, I am completely depleted. I begin to question what I am doing, or if I am even succeeding. Hearing encouragement, strategies, inspirational ideas, and validation that homeschooling really is a valuable choice is extrememly helpful. The talks by fellow homeschoolers who understand and have so much to offer fill my cup to the brim! It’s very edifying.

“Where everybody knows your name, and they’re always glad you came”

So, they don’t all know my name, but it is gratifying to be surrounded by people just like you. Even the most well connected homeschooler can feel isolated. Going against the tide continually is tiring. It makes me think of the first time we took the kids to a homeschooling conference. The first vendor asked Cowgirl how school was going, she immediately felt compelled to explain, “I’m not missing school. We homeschool. I did my homework in the car on the way down.”  I leaned over and whispered in her ear, “Honey, it’s a homeschooling conference, everyone here is homeschool.”  Sigh…being just one of the crowd feels good.

Meeting the superstars of the homeschool world rocks!

Youbuy their books, follow their blogs, use their planner. You swoon in admiration at the mere mention of their names! Over time, you build up images in your mind of homeschooling perfection. You become convinced that all of their children are prodegy rocket scientists who graduate Yale at age ten with three degrees, impeccable manners, and play first chair violin in the Philharmonic in their sleep.  Then..gasp..they are  right in front of you. (And you say to yourself, “That is not how she sounded in my head all these years!” Is it just me?)
While it is so wonderful to meet “celebrities,” it’s even better to realize they are normal homeschooling moms just like you. Even the most popular blogger and authors are moms who juggle the home, meals, toddlers with runny noses, teens with hormones, and piles of math lessons that sometimes seem to never end! We’re all in this together. None of us are perfect, and we are all just trying the best we can!

Forget the Celebrities, I’m Here for the Swag Bag!

What do homeschool moms love more than new resources?? Free resources! Homeschool conferences offer access to resources you may have only heard or but have been afraid to try. Morever, there are all those resources you never heard of and now can’t live without. Swag bags are a wonderful, and fun way to experience all the homeschool world has to offer!


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