Creative Service for All Ages

The virtue of serving others is not only a Christian ideal but a life skill. As homeschool families, we recognize the significance of being active and engaged in the community at large. Despite the often touted misconception that homeschoolers are “unsocialized,” the truth is that the homeschool community is vibrant, active, and knows how to get things done!

When searching for volunteer opportunities though, it is often difficult to find ones willing to accept young children. It is not that younger children have less to give, it’s more that insurance is more worried about liability of under-aged volunteers.

That is where our family has found that serving with our heart usually begins with our hands. Over the years, our children have raised hundreds of dollars for charities we hold very dear including Mary’s Meals and Being Kind Adava.

If you are looking for a fun, engaging, and creative way for your homeschool to serve others, check out my latest post at Simple Service!

What is your favorite service project or charity?