Easter Baskets: A Practical Catholic’s Guide

I am still working on my post about “giving up” for Lent.  (I can’t believe how long it is taking me!)  However, Ash Wednesday is just over a week away, and since I try very hard not to shop during Lent, I have been collecting small items for the children’s baskets.  I thought I would share how we do Easter baskets at our home.

Now, I am not one for chocolate and candy–dark chocolate, yes–sweet, Easter candies, no.  What I usually do is come up with a theme and then fill the baskets with items I have to buy for the children anyway.  You know, those ordinary items that cost a pretty penny, but are also pretty ho-hum! But, put them in an Easter basket, and now they are exciting.

Here are some themes from the past:

A Day At The Spa
Shampoo and conditioner
Nail file
Shower cap
New face cloth
A hair brush
Lip balm
Hand cream
A Day At The Beach
Bathing suit
Lip balm
Blow-up tube (small)
Flip flops
First Communion Days (Cowgirl)
Bracelet with chalice charm
Small white pocketbook
White Rosary
Rosary case
Banner kit
As you can see, this baskets are not cheap to fill. Even the shampoo was expensive because my children have skin allergies and at the time could only handle the most expensive stuff out there.  However, let’s be honest, I’d have to buy these things anyway. Why spend $40+ on a bathing suit, then another $10 on little random items for the basket?
Their baskets always include at least one book because being book-lovers, we need little excuse to buy more!  If you are looking for ideas for books, Jessica always finds the best books!
Here is what the children are getting this year, my theme is “Faith, Fragrance, and Fun”
Soap case
Paper chalk (She needs it for portfolio work.)
Soap case
Little Man
The baskets started with the soap this year.  Around Christmas, I won an assortment of handmade soaps from Blossoming Joy. I used most as little gifts for family and friends.  The older two, claimed the samples that Soul Sanctified Soaps had set along. They also used some as tiny gifts for friends, and kept a couple to try themselves. Let’s just say the soaps were a big hit for them. Those tiny samples are almost gone, so I know they will be happy to get more.
I then found a faith-based book for each of them and considered if there was anything needed for school time/assignments.  For Little Man, that meant snacks and a new book, because feeding him and having a pile of picture books is the only way we make it through morning meeting each day!
My last consideration was something just for fun with some educational value. Cowgirl had requested that I keep an eye out for Narnia audiobooks, so when I found one on sale, I picked it up.  Lego building helps keep Buddy’s hands busy so he can sit still during read aloud.  Little Man wants to be so independent, but somehow most of our toddler silverware has gone missing recently….hmmmm. I decided, a set of his own would make him happy and give me a little break from constantly washing his spoon. 

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