Fantastic Giveaway in 7QT

I know that I have been posting all week about the homeschool conference, this is the culminating and I promise, last post.  I am so thankful to get to share this discovery.

Meet Elizabeth, a beautiful, talented, and lovely young lady!  She has created a line of 18″ doll clothes called Novel Designs, exquisite outfits based on classic literature.
Once I saw her gorgeous creations, I could not stop thinking about them!  I had to buy one and by gum, I was going to find a reason why.   Then I thought of you, my readers, and my giveaways. Surely, one of these dresses was meant for one of you.
I am a doll lover!  My dolls were some of the best cared for creatures around when I was a child.  It was all I thought about. I still secretly dream of having a genuine American Girl of my own. (Mattel redesigning the dolls has tempered that a bit.) I can remember begging my mom for a Samantha doll…she said no…because I was 13 and the doll cost almost $100–which could buy a heck of a lot of things at the time.

I’m fairly certain that these lovely models are indeed the doll of my dreams.
This dress is based on Ever After, one of my all time favorite films. If you haven’t seen it, please do!
And then there is this beauty, the most charming doll dress, EVER! The photo does it no justice.
You know I have always thought that I would have a child with red hair, who loved dolls AND books. Perhaps meeting Elizabeth was just meant to be, after all there are no accidents, nor coincidences with God. It’s all one, big, marvelous plan.
Narnia, anyone?  Can’t you just imagine one of these lovely gems wrapped up with a matching, hardbound classic. The perfect gift! So much beauty.
Elizabeth and her sister also make Catholic Clay, well crafted, clay figurines of beloved saints. They are only $5 each and include a prayer card.
Now for the giveaway….
One of my readers, will win The Jane Austen! Just comment below and tell me which dress is your favorite. Elizabeth can be reached by email here.

UPDATE:  Elizabeth now has an etsy store!!! Yay, Elizabeth!

Winner to be announced May 16th!
God bless!
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11 thoughts on “Fantastic Giveaway in 7QT

  1. What darling dresses! It's hard to choose a favorite, but it looks like the "Miss Fanny Price" dress has roses on it… 🙂 My girls would love these!

  2. It is so nice to see young people with such talents!My girls are big fans of Lucie so I would say the Narnia dress. However they are all adorable !

  3. Each dress is so beautiful! Elizabeth is a very talented seamstress and has a "novel" idea! To choose one is too difficult, but I would have to say that the Narnia and Fanny Price dresses are standouts. God bless,

  4. I don't know why it took me so long to read all your conference posts! These dresses were a huge hit with so many in attendance. I'm so glad she has an etsy shop, I'll be making notes for some upcoming birthday and Christmas shopping.
    Thanks again for stopping and chatting!

  5. These are all adorable!! The Miss Fanny Price is my favorite — so pretty with the roses. So glad Elizabeth has an Etsy shop — i will be shopping there for upcoming birthdays and Christmas.

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