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Finding Answers to Your Biggest Questions

Have you ever made a decision so huge that it frightened you beyond belief?

For me, deciding to homeschool my children was such a decision. I have had to make some truly difficult decision in my life, however taking the leap into homeschooling consumed me for years.

The root of the struggle lay in the fact that all I knew was a school for education. Although I liked the concept of homeschooling, that lifestyle was completely foreign. Yellow school buses, attendance and lunch count, backpacks full of books, and bells ringing for recess…that was normal.

Homeschooling, on the other hand, was the great unknown. To add to the complexity, my husband and I had both taught in public school and came from families full of teachers.


Setting aside the enormity of this brave, new frontier, there were the questions. I had so many questions. How did homeschooling work? How did I know if I was doing enough? How would my children make friends? How do they get grades?

So, so many questions!! It seemed every one of them led me to another set of questions. Then there were the questions from strangers if I mentioned homeschooling. I was being buried under the weight of questions that seemed to have no answers.

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