First Ever Joke Coloring Book: A Review in #7QT

“What is the chicken’s favorite day of the week?”

“Fry-Day…that’s a funny one, Mom”  —Little Man, age 4 (attempting a joke he heard at the fair)

Have you ever been to 1st grade?  No, not as a student, as an adult.  What you will quickly notice is the unique sense of humor that 1st graders have.  It’s like their own private language–or inside joke!  They can turn anything into a joke.  They laugh at jokes that aren’t even funny and don’t make sense. Does that matter? No, because they are having fun.

Do you know the average number of times a day a 40 year old laughs?  FOUR
Just four.  I get it. We are serious. We are adults. We have responsibility.  We also need to laugh.
“Why did the cow cross the road?”
“Because he wanted to be a dirty dinger! hahahahaha”
Another joke by Little Man, he is making jokes on a 1st grade level already.
I was offered a copy of HaHa Color-Me Joke Book for free in exchange for my honest review.  This innovative book will be released October 17th to great applause.
This book is a great little take along for long car rides, visits to DMV, or for a little peace and quiet during the day.  It is nicely set up and allows for plenty of creativity with the pages to color and pages at the end of the book to record your own jokes.  The only thing I would change is the “Party Pooper” joke–we don’t allow potty humor in our home, although I know it is popular.  Nothing scandalous, just not my taste. Otherwise, this seems like a book my boys would thoroughly enjoy!

 Screen Shot 2017-09-25 at 5.49.48 PM.png
Enjoy! And, oh, did I mention, for every PRINT book this author sells, she will be sending one to a child in need who can’t afford one. So when your child laughs, you know you’re sharing the laughs with another child. <— I love this!  
If you want to buy the book and use it for your own fundraising or in your kid-friendly business, or give in goody bags or as birthday gifts  (instead of those junky plastic toys that kill the environment and don’t add any value to kids). You can sign up for the #gigglegiver program and get a bulk buying discount.  

Imagine this:
  1. Kid thinks you’re funny.
  2. Leaves you alone to work.
  3. You get to help kids in need laugh too.
What’s not to love about the world’s first social joke-coloring book? Cheaper than wine, this is the best $10 you can spend on your mom-sanity today.  

Now for the bonus surprise!!! One reader is going to receive a copy of this new book for free. How do you win?  Answer this question in the comments:
 How many times a day does a 4 year old laugh? 
 One winner will be chosen at random. Best wishes!!!

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