Five Fave Finds from the Web this Week

Cowgirl and I are working on the doll-sized mantillas.  She has been designing and stitching most of the day.  We are going to pick our favorite versions and post a tutorial tomorrow or Wednesday.  In the meantime, here is a quick list of my five favorite finds of the past week. 


My online time has been limited–hence why this “Monday post” is getting out when it is almost Tuesday–so I have not been extensively searching the great World Wide Web.  However, a few things have happened across my path and I wanted to share them with you.

Catholic Icing
Now Lacy’s Catholic Icing is not a new find, her blog is one of the first I ever followed from years ago, however I uncovered two special finds there this week about which I am super excited.  First, I really enjoyed her post today about real world implementation of Montessori at home.  I appreciate much of the Montessori approach, although, I must admit I pick and choose what I like from various styles and create my own.  (I was glad to see that I am not alone, Charlotte, whom I greatly admire, does the same thing.)  One of the biggest stumbling blocks I face with Montessori ideas that I hope to implement is cost, they are amazing materials, but so very expensive. Back to Lacy’s post, though, she has great information about organization, finding cheap or free materials and how to pull together and store activities.
While I was on her blog, I noticed a free e-book of patterns for paper bag saints.  Lacy has made so many over the years and they are so cute.  She kindly published a book with all the patterns in one place ready to print!
Catholic speaker and author Gary Zimak will once again be leading Total Consecration To Jesus Through Mary on his nightly radio show
I am very excited about this next find as well.  I have to credit my online friend, Mary of Battlebeads for leading me to it.  I attempted a total consecration once, but I confess I failed.  My regiment fell apart about 25 days in and I have never planned far enough ahead to begin on time once more.  I am thankful to have found this link and hope to listen in and finish the devotion this time.
  Blank Book – Archangels 
This next one, I’m not even sure how I found it but it is a gem.  Illuminated Ink is a Catholic company for arts and crafts kits and supplies.  Great products at great prices, like the blank notebook with color-you-own covers for only $3 each.  They also have beautiful grotto craft kits for various Marian apparitions.  A great place for back to school and Christmas shopping.

St Therese is not a new discovery but the Youtube film in her native French is.   While watching it, I discovered a host of other saintly films also in French along the side bar.  I am a former French professor and have been searching for a good way to brush up on my language skills and still learn something worthwhile.  God led me right to more than I could have anticipated, who would have thought that this movie would pop up at the end of a Father Barron video.
If you are interested here is a movie about St Bernadette in Italian, as well as the complete film of “The Song of Bernadette” in German.  What a discovery!
Catholic Inspired (who I have been a fan of for years!) has a new series going on for Liturgical Ornaments.  I think this would make a perfect addition to a home altar or “little oratory.” I have not yet begun making any of these but I am hoping to incorporate doing some into our school year in September as a way to mark some of the feasts we enjoy celebrating.  Perhaps once the chapel veils are finished, Cowgirl will make a few, she has been searching for a creative project now that swim season is over.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend.  Please remember to continue to pray for those suffering in Iraq and those persecuted around the world.  Thanks.

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