Food from the Josefina Unit Study in Seven Quick Takes

He finally slept!  Okay, I know that is completely off topic, but getting a few uninterrupted hours of sleep just felt so good, I had to share.  Below is the last official segment of the Josefina unit study.  I am going to post updates as we complete out study at home.  I plan on taking my time to get through this so that we aren’t rushed and pressured.  Trying very hard to have a more relaxed year this time around.

 I have been wanting to try my hand at making my own tortillas for awhile now.  This recipe looks easy enough.
I also found this recipe for sopes, which is a variation on tortillas. It reminds me of the pizza fritte that my Italian family always made growing up.  I just realized a few weeks ago that I have never made them for my children, even though pizza fritte was a common treat on weekends and holidays in my house growing up.  Anyway, we may try this second recipe as well, once we get the hang of working with masa.  {PS: If you decide to make the pizza fritte, the best way to eat it is with the requisite powdered sugar, a thin slice of boiled ham, and some broccoli rabe that has been sauteed with hot pepper flakes and garlic1}
This next recipe is exiting because it is something else I have always wanted to do, make my own cheese.  The recipe in the Josefina cookbook that I purchased seems a little easier to follow, but this one is fairly easy as well. According to the cookbook this cheese was normally eaten for breakfast.
 goat cheese appetizer 
I am hoping to purchase and learn to use a mortar and pestil.  It is something that I have never done and I think it will be fun to learn how to with the kids.  I have seen some reasonably priced ones on ebay so I am keeping an eye out for the best deal.
 Classic Mexican Guacamole 
Refried beans are a favorite of my children.  We a big bean and rice eating family already so Mexican fare is always one of our favorites.  This recipe is very simple and would allow us to make refried beans without any extra chemicals or preservatives.  
The Josefina cookbook also had recipes for sopas (soups).  This one looks delicious and I know would be a hit with my family. It is also easy to prepare with minimal ingredients.  
Mexican Meatball Soup (Sopa de Albondigas) Recipe
Tamales are a bit more work than the other recipes listed, but are a hearty meal especially on a cold winter night.  This could be a perfect dinner for Our Lady of Guadalupe day.  Tamales can be filled with anything from chicken and pork to seafood and vegetarian.  This recipe offers a list of  traditional fillings as well as recipes for making the fillings.
    Homemade Mexican Tamales Authentic Recipe 
Lastly, could we really celebrate Mexican cuisine and not have Mexican hot chocolate?  I plan on buying a traditional mixing stick.  There are several brands of Mexican chocolate available and also a recipe for a homemade blend here. Since we have nut allergies in our home, I need to do more research to see what brand we will be using.  There is also a cute, little song about making hot chocolate that you can find printables for here.
Mexican Hot Chocolate
I have additional ideas on my pinterest board.  Have a great weekend. 

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