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Free Art Lessons Delivered Each Week

We know art education is important, but there is so much to do, though! So, it’s hard to fit it in. Beyond the Stick Figure knows what it’s like to be a busy homeschool mom.  by homeschool moms, just like you, it’s mission is to provide quality art instruction that is open and go. Oh, and they have an amazing new opportunity. Teatime with Sally will debut in October. Beyond the Stick Figure will deliver bite-sized classes in art history, interesting artist trivia, and “Create along with Me” projects to your inbox each week. The best part is they are absolutely free!

Teatime with Sally Delivering Delightful Art Lessons

Imagine new, exciting, and informative art lessons each week. Each lesson is designed to be used by the entire family, together. Perfect for morning time or tea time. Every lesson focuses on one topic:

  • Science and art: How Leonardo used his creativity to invent
  • What is Impressionism?
  • Watercolor paper, what is it and why is it different
  • Create with me: Tonal values–a quick demo on making paint lighter and darker with water
  • Let’s Meet Claude Monet
  • Let’s Meet Francesco Hayez
  • Create with me: A lesson on coloring properly
  • All served with a side of good British tea!

Sally Stansfield is a trained artist and veteran art teacher. She is also a British, homeschool mum of 8. So, Sally understands the busy days, the juggling acts, as well as the importance of a good, fine arts curriculum. Therefore, she wants to make life a little easier for you this year. Igniting a passion for creativity is essential to a good education. Sign up for Teatime with Sally, today. Lessons begin in October! Then get your markers ready and pour a good cup of tea. Gather the children, and enjoy. This is going to be delightful!

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    1. There are some simple supplies that Sally will introduce through out the lessons. Not every week is a project but when there is, she will share that list. The main supplies she uses are fine tip sharpie markers and Prismacolor markers. Thanks for asking.

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