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Deciding if Homeschool is Right for Your Family?

Making the Decision to Homeschool Course is built for those learning more about homeschooling and evaluating if it is right for their family. It is packed with information and inspiration, plus a workbook for you to hash out your ideas, fears, and questions.

Do You Have More Than One Child & Wondering How to Homeschool Them All?

Having many children is a blessing, but in a homeschool it can create a real challenge! How are you supposed to teach all the the children all of their subjects without working 24/7?? Take a deep breath, homeschool mom, there is hope! This course will show you how to drastically cut down on the time you personally spend schooling each child. With effective, easy to implement strategies, you can revolutionize your homeschool and get back your sanity.

Do You Have a Child With Special Needs & Challenges?

Your special child also has special gifts! Introducing a new way to look at learning difficulty that will not only bolster your confidence to support your struggling child, but give them the tools to excel. This course will teach you how to identify your child’s strengths and capitalize on them to bolster their weaknesses. You will also learn the easy, but proven, five-step process to take your child from struggling to excelling. It’s the same system I used with my own children!

Looking for a Curriculum and Feeling Overwhelmed?

Curriculum shopping can be exciting and overwhelming. You start to feel like you need everything. Here is a consice guide that will help you get the perfect curriculum for your homeschool without blowing your budget or losing your mind.

Are You Worried Your Kids Will be Weird and Unsocialized?

It’s the biggest question every homeschooler faces. Have you been secretly worrying that your homeschool child is missing out? Ever lie awake at night wondering if you do enough to socialize your child? Or are you maybe just looking for a way to answer those nosey neighbors? Get your guide to creating authentic socialization, AND dealing with all the questions!

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