Freebie Friday Homeschool Resources Bonanza!!!

Homeschool moms are the hardest working people on the face of the planet. You give everything you have and then give some more. There is always something demanding your time, energy, and attention. Let’s face it, raising kids is an adventure and homeschooling takes that adventure to a whole new level. That is why having great resources is so important.

That’s why I’m Here

You can homeschool more simply and with more joy! It is possible to do more with less. Homeschooling really is a journey, not a race. Every step gets you closer to your goal, but it also leaves a footprint on your family history.

Because you work so hard, I work hard to get you what you need. Sometimes what you need, is not to spend any money. Right? I totally get it! That is why I teamed up with a slew of other bloggers to give you a special blessing!

On the third Friday of each month we’ve designated Freebie Friday! It’s when you can get the best resources for free!

Freebie Friday

But what do free resources do for you?

Well, did you know that there are THOUSANDS of other homeschool bloggers out there who are just like me? I want to help you have the best homeschool year ever, and I feel like sharing these offers, and bloggers, with you, is going to be life-changing.

Why? Because each person has a different perspective, a different homeschool experience, a different community, and a different life walk.

Maybe these are bloggers you’ve heard of or interacted with, maybe not. But my hope is that through you find some great online friends and products that you’ll be able to use in your own homeschool!

So what is Freebie Friday?

On the third Friday of each month, I will be sharing awesome paid products (valued at $5+) that are exclusively available to you for FREE for 3 days only. From Friday to Sunday, you’ll have the opportunity to scoop these up at no cost!

It’s time for Freebie Friday! For three days only you can download the following resources for free. Each is worth $5 or more, and is provided in an effort to bless you. There are a bunch of great products available for free this month – well over $100 worth – and we hope you enjoy them! Here is a sample from just one Freebie Friday!