Getting Your Teen Ready to Launch

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This is the time of year when I begin to earnestly plan next year. It is more of a musing of what could be, and a chance to take stock of where we are and where we need to be! As the years fly by, I am struck by how quickly that countdown to launch day is passing for my teen. The gentle ticks of growing babies and curious toddlers are now a booming vibrato that I feel in my soul.

Every Season

The days are indeed long but the years are so very short. Although Monday may, in fact, feel like it lasted for 72 hours; five years down the road is but a heartbeat away. I remember wondering, as a young mother, how parents of older children did it. I had no idea how to handle puberty and driving lessons. Honestly, that wasn’t in my game plan when I dreamed of being a mom. The seasons stretch you, though. What you thought you could never do, becomes part of your daily routine. You never wake up and say, I will now adjust to being a parent of a teenager. It just unfolds, day by day, you become the parent that your children need for every season.

As the season of high school and college/career plans looms, fear can set in. How did we get here, anyway?? Did I do enough? Will she be ready? Has he learned enough? The questions grow with the child. The days of debating whether to feed bananas or applesauce next and when to start potty training become nostalgic. Those were easy dilemmas. Now we are embarking on deciding the future of each child’s life.


Skills to Grow on

Since next year I will have a Sophmore in high school, (Holy hat! As my grandmother always said) the need to have a plan for these remaining 36 months of school is a top priority. How did it go by so quickly? There are lessons we never got to and books I still want her to read. Education is a lifelong journey so I need to let go of those little naggings. I have taught her to love learning, my work there is complete.

What does she need to succeed in this world? That is a HUGE question. There are the checklists for high school credit, however when it comes down to it. I have outlined three main skill sets that every child needs, no matter what his or her future plans are.

Having What it Takes to Do Anything

Let’s be honest, it isn’t the algebra, chemistry, and four years of language arts that are going to prepare your children for adult life and livelihood. Those are important subjects, and for some teens, they are required for their chosen career. However, there are much bigger, overarching skills that every person should have.

These are the basis for my planning next year. We will do all the disciplines for sure, however, our main focus will be on not only building these skills but providing the opportunity to use them in real life.

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The Wave of the Future

Entrepreneurial Expertise:

We are living in a rapidly changing world. Technology, soaring costs of living, and changing demographics are morphing the once-prized 9-5 with a shiny gold pension at the end, into a system of independent contractors. Having the knowledge of how to run a business, any business will be crucial for workers of the future. With the rise in technology, companies and organizations are looking to lower overhead by either outsourcing or relying upon independent workers in their own home offices.

Practical in Demand:

Despite the high tech, fast-paced, global economy of the future, there are some jobs that will never be obsolete. These are the hands-on, practical arts. Tailoring, automotive mechanics, woodworking, and electrical circuitry are skills that will never lose their necessity. Whatever the future holds, we will need people who can cook and those who can build. Having a practical skill has lost its allure. However, it is not only something that will serve your child (and save him money) for the rest of her life, it’s also a recession-proof plan. When that brag-worthy job is outsourced or downsized, your teen will still be able to provide for his household.

Internet Ready:

This dovetails into the entrepreneurial experience but adds a high tech twist. The online world has changed how work, education, and life are conducted. Having a working knowledge of using various programs, apps, and collaborative technologies is an asset for any job seeker. Not only will it give you a leg up for the new corporate landscape, but it will add to your ability to make a living no matter what life throws at you. Yes, technology is rapidly changing the hottest app today, could be obsolete before the year is over. However, knowing how to learn new technology and adapt to change will never be obsolete.


Going Forth

Over the next few months, I will be sharing ways to teach each of these skill sets and incorporate them easily into your homeschool plans. Preparing a child to launch into this wide world is a major undertaking, however, providing the tools to thrive for years to come will make it all worth it.

How are you preparing your teen for life?


Oh, I almost forgot. We have been beta testing a PHENOMENAL program built just for teens, Selling on Etsy Masterclass for Teens. Along with some other resources (which I will share in the next post) this is my big plan for teaching entrepreneurial skills, with little practical art on the side. Here’s a free brainstorming guide just for my readers to get your juices flowing and evaluate if this course is for you!. If you are interested to know more (This would be a wonderful class for any mom looking to open her own Etsy shop, too!), please keep reading!

Introducing Selling on Etsy Masterclass for Teens

In the Selling on Etsy Masterclass for Teens, you get access to a step-by-step game plan for creating and growing an Etsy shop. Your teens can earn money using their creative gifts and passions while also earning credit on their homeschool transcript. You’ll even find details about how to count this course toward high school credit.

Our kids are living in a new era – lots of innovation and they need to be comfortable in the online entrepreneurial space. This course will help with that! And you won’t have to know how to help them because this course includes a private Facebook group for teens and their parents to join. This setting will allow your teen to collaborate, ask questions, get answers, share listings, and enjoy some camaraderie with like-minded homeschooled teens across the globe.

What is the Selling on Etsy Masterclass for Teens?

It is a self-paced online course with 6 modules that provide a step-by-step game plan for helping your teen (or you!) create & grow a profitable Etsy shop. It includes instructions for how to use this as a ½ credit or full credit elective that can be included on your high schooler’s homeschool transcript.

Who is it for?

This course is for middle or high schoolers, but it would also be helpful for homeschool moms who want help in setting up an Etsy shop. It was originally created for homeschooled teen students as an elective option, but non-homeschooled students could benefit from it as well!

What’s included with my purchase?

• Lifetime access to the online course, including updates
• Printable workbook
• 40 FREE Etsy listings when you open your shop
• Private Facebook group for teens & their parents with access to ask questions!

How much does it cost?

The regular price is $97! This is one price for your whole family forever – so if you have multiple teens who would enjoy selling on Etsy, that’s an amazing deal! If your teen sells one item on Etsy, this course will pay for itself. Plus, I don’t know too many high school electives that cost $97!


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