Great Books Preschool Story Time

So, I am finally getting to sit down and publish the next set of plans.  I really wondered how much I should do with Little Man this year and what type of curriculum would work best for him.  Then I thought of one of his favorite activities, sitting on my lap and reading. Every time I sit down, he grabs a book he wants to read.  This could be why I haven’t gotten much posted lately.

I didn’t want to just read, though. I wanted to read him great books.  So, I sat down and looked through our collection, what was available at the library, and what I wanted to order online.  Here is the list of what I chose.  Certainly, there are more great books to read, but I am only one mama and have only so much time.

We are keeping a small stack of books (I really want to get a basket) next to the upstairs sofa, so that we can read while the other kids are doing their independent work.  I let Little Man choose what to read and then swap out the ones we have read over and over again at the end of the week.  This way it puts him in charge, but makes sure that we cover all the books I’ve chosen.
That’s it, that’s all we are doing.  No fancy projects, no workbooks, no formulaic study, just reading from great books. And you know what?  He’s learning!  He is already learning to recognize some of his letters, making comparisons between stories, and telling me about different animals.  It isn’t happening quickly, but it is happening joyfully and that, for me, is more important!

So here it is my ” Great Books Preschool Story Time.”  Enjoy!

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On Christmas Eve by  Brown

Miss Rumphius by Cooney

Owl Moon by Yolen

Ox-Cart Man by Cooney

Mother Goose Rhymes and Poems  (I have several vintage collections we are using)

Scuffy the Tugboat by Crampton

The Rooster Crows by Petersham

Nicolini’s Song by Wilcoxen

One is 1 by Tasha Tudor


Tasha Tudor First Prayer


Autumn Leaves by Robbins

Five Senses by Tasha Tudor

Have any you would add?

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