growing in homeschooling

Growing by Homeschooling

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Parenting stretches you in ways you never expect. I remember having a vision of exactly what my children would be like, how we would get through our days, and what we would do together! Boy, did that change quickly! Then came our adventure into homeschooling!

Brave New World

Homeschooling takes parenting to a new level. While it is the most worthwhile thing you will ever do, it will also stretch you in millions of ways. Growing in your homeschool means embracing the education lifestyle and learning through your children. That isn’t the only growing you experience, though. Homeschooling grows you in virtue.

If you are reading this, I can tell you that you are already a wonderful mom who is dedicated to providing the best you can for your children. Do you always do that in the best way possible? No, none of us do, because we are human and not perfect!

growing through homeschooling


The Best You Can Be in Homeschooling

There are days when you don’t feel strong when you are just trying to survive the day. These are the moments that can break you. Don’t let them. There is growth in the struggle. The days that feel the hardest are growing you in ways that will amaze you. Take some time to see how you have grown in your homeschool. You will never be perfect, but you will be better.

In embracing our humanity while tackling this monumental task of homeschooling, our hearts and souls stretch, grow, and soar. Come see how your homeschool not only requires virtue but is turning you into the best version of yourself!

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