Happy Feast of St Juan Diego

Today is the Feast of St Juan Diego. He is a special friend of my older children. It is very interesting how they developed a love and devotion to Our Lady of Guadalupe at a young age, even though I knew very little about her. So, one year, I purchased Holy Heroes vol 1 about St Juan Diego and Blessed Imelda as a surprise for Our Lady of Guadalupe Day. That developed their love for Juan Diego also. Holy Heroes is offering this CD for FREE this week. If you don’t own it, I encourage you to get it! We will be listening to our copy today.

Since we have  big celebrations for St Nicholas, St Lucy, Our Lady of Guadalupe and Immaculate Conception is a Holy Day of Obligation all in one week, for this feast we do something easy. Some years it is premade burritos, in the car, on the way to basketball practice. As Buddy would say, “True story!”

This year we are having tostadas topped with black beans, cheese, salsa, and sour cream.  I have a special craft planned for Our Lady of Guadalupe this Friday, so please be sure to check back.

St Juan Diego, faithful servant of Our Lady, pray for us!

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