special needs

Helping Special Needs Children at Home

Do you have a child with special needs? After a decade of homeschooling my four children, two of whom have learning difficulties, I firmly believe that every child has special needs.

But, you know what?? More importantly, every child has special gifts!

No one will fight for your child as fiercely as you will. You have too much skin in the game. You will not drop the ball just because it gets hard. You may crumble inside, but you will keep running.

You are your child’s hero!

I know the lonely days of wondering why learning is so hard. The times of diagnosis and the wondering of how life will ever be “right.” The struggle is real. The fear of not being able to give what your child needs. The fear of failing. The fear of the future. I have been there.

There have been times when I felt completely inadequate. Obviously, a school and special services board could do better than me! or could they?

You see, those special education teachers and special service providers, they care. They have the education and the credentials to do the job. What they don’t have is skin in the game the way you do. When the world come crushing down, they will get to the line they promised or rework the plan because they couldn’t.

Only you will keep going past that arbitrary line to get where your child needs to be. That is what makes you the perfect person to take charge of your child’s education.

Taking charge does not mean doing it alone. It means doing what is best and finding the resources and support needed to give your child wings.

A child is worth so much more than the sum of his weaknesses. What is your child’s special gift?

Take a listen to my chat with Mia Poulin about homeschooling, special needs, and the gift every child has to offer!

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