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Helping Your Reluctant Reader Love Reading

Reading is fundamental. It’s not just a campaign slogan, it’s the truth. Reading is a core skill in education. It is what opens doors and gives children wings. However, not every child loves to read. Some are pretty reluctant to start reading or even to continue after they begin. So what is a homeschool mom to do? Having a struggling reader is difficult for you and your child.

The Reading Paradox

It can be stressful when you know how important reading is. You want your child to succeed. There’s also the pressure from friends, neighbors, and family for your child to “keep up.” You start to doubt your ability to homeschool. Others question if you know what you are doing? Could homeschooling be killing your child’s education? Are you really qualified to teach your child? Aunt Betsie starts hinting at sending your child to a “real school” and others give you that “I told you so” glare.

helping reluctant readers

The answer is no!

Homeschooling is not killing your education. Some children just take longer to read. Remember that we all have different gifts and needs. The child who is gifted in science may have a serious need for language arts. Reading is still vitally important to science, it just isn’t a primary gift for that child. Instead of despairing, check out my tips for helping struggling and reluctant readers to not only read better but fall in love with the world of literature. You can read all about it over on Mom’s October Library Series!