Holy Wednesday: A Day of Preparation

Cowgirl recently commented, “I don’t understand why they call it Holy Week, I mean it’s not like it is “Glorious Wednesday” or anything. What’s up with Wednesday?”

Ah, good question.  In our diocese, Monday is set aside as “Reconciliation Monday” where every parish opens from 4-9 PM with multiple priests available simultaneously for confession.  On Tuesday, we always have reversal for our Children’s Stations of the Cross. I’ve never been to the Chrism Mass, but hope to go someday. However, since the Chrism Mass is taking place at the Cathedral, there is nothing going on at parishes, so it makes sense to reherse on Tuesday.

And then there is Wednesday, the breather between the hustle and bustle of the early part of the week and the hustle and bustle of the Tridiuum.  I think God realized we all needed a chance to catch our breath!  Holy Wednesday is a day to prepare so we can focus more on Christ the rest of the week. It’s like a Martha day before a Mary long weekend.

So, here is our plan for the day.  Wash the floors and windows! There was a time when I would do this Holy Saturday night after the children went to bed. I’m not sure how, it seems crazy, for sure!  Ready food for Liturgical Tea, tomorrow, and Easter.  Gather up outfits for the children for Holy Thursday Mass, Children’s Stations of the Cross on Good Friday, and Easter Vigil on Holy Saturday.  Scrub table and chairs and pick out tablecloth for Easter brunch.  Double check that I have everything that I need for Easter morning and locate the box of Easter baskets in the attic, even though they won’t come down until Saturday night. (I still decorate the house and set the table for brunch on Holy Saturday night.  I think waiting for Easter decoration until it’s Easter emphasizes the celebration of the liturgical calendar, not the secular one. I do the same on Christmas Eve save the Christmas tree, outdoor lights, and nativities.  Anything that says “Merry Christmas,” stockings, miscellaneous Christmas themed knick knacks all wait until after bedtime on Christmas Eve.)

I’m trying hard to muster the motivation to wash my windows!  It’s my least favorite chore and it is still so cold outside. We even got some more snow yesterday. We might have a white Easter even though we had a green Christmas.  At least the sun is shining, I’m hoping the temperature starts to climb.

A look at the rest of the week:

  • Liturgical Tea tomorrow afternoon
  • Holy Thursday Mass followed by Adoration
  • Children’s Stations of the Cross
  • Tenebrae Holy Saturday morning
  • Easter Vigil on Holy Saturday evening
  • Easter Brunch followed by holiday dinner at Hubby’s Godmother’ s home.
Hope you are all having a blessed Holy Week!

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