Homeschool Conference Five Favs

As I mentioned, I attended a wonderful homeschooling conference on Saturday. I have more to share about it, including a fabulous giveaway on Friday, but today I thought I would focus on my five favorite reasons to attend a conference.

Books, books, books, books, and more books!  There are so many resources out there and honestly, everything looks and sounds good in those beautiful curriculum catalogs. It is so nice to get to see and experience books before buying them.  Then, there is the used book sale–book lover’s paradise.  It’s a win-win, homeschool mom A makes a few bucks, homeschool mom B saves a bundle!  I found the entire Land of Our Lady history texts for $24, each book retails for that much!
Inspiring speakers encourage you to press on. By late spring, I am completely depleted and unsure of what I am doing or if I’m succeeding. Hearing encouragement, strategies, inspirational ideas, and validation that homeschooling really is a valuable choice helps immensely. Even if none of the information is new, experiencing it anew is so edifying.

Visit the CHAPLET channel on YouTube for more inspiring talks.

“Where everybody knows your name, and they’re always glad you came.”  So, they don’t all know my name, but it is gratifying to be surrounded by people just like you. Even the most well connected homeschooler can feel isolated. Going against the tide continually is tiring. It makes me think of the first time we took the kids to a homeschooling conference. The first vendor asked Cowgirl how school was going, she immediately felt compelled to explain, “I’m not missing school, I’m homeschool. I did my homework in the car on the way down.”  I leaned over and whispered in her ear, “Honey, it’s a homeschooling conference, everyone here is homeschool.”  Sigh…being just one of the crowd feels good.

Meeting the superstars of the homeschool world rocks!  You see their books, read their blogs, use their planner…build up in your mind images of homeschooling perfection and rocket scientist children who graduate at ten with three degrees, impeccable manners, and the first chair violin in the Philharmonic.  Then..gasp..they are standing right in front of you. While it is so wonderful to meet “celebrities,” it’s even better to realize they are normal homeschooling moms just like you.  
Did I mention the book sale?  Hello, my name is Jennifer and I’m a book-aholic
Actually, aside from all mentioned above, my favorite part of conferences is experiencing new entrepreneur who have such great and diverse ideas to share. Many of our favorite homeschool resources Have come from small, family businesses with big ideas and big hearts. On Friday, I will be featuring one such vendor and offering her absolutely stupendous product as a giveaway!  Please visit and enter.

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