Homeschooling Made Easy Plans

Where are you on your Homeschool Journey?

Still deciding If Homeschooling is right for you?

Making the decision to homeschool is HUGE! It can be overwhelming. You have so many questions, plus plenty of fears, and then there are all the well intentioned inquiries by family and friends. Make an informed and confident decision! Our Decide Plan includes:

  • 30 Day Journal: Deciding to Homeschool
  • 20 minute strategy calls to work through your state requirements, answer your questions and any concerns you have


Building Your Homeschool Plan

You’ve decided to homeschool, congratulations!! Now what? You want to do your very best job, but how do you even begin?? Homeschooling shouldn’t be a hidden secret that you have to jump into and hope you survive. Lay a sound foundation so you can easily succeed and thrive! Our Build Plan includes:


  • How to Easily Build a Thriving Homeschool Course
  • Two-One Hour Strategy Calls to build your homeschool plan


Thrive in your Homeschool Plan

What every mom needs to keep homeschooling, is to be supported, nurtured, and heard. This is your village! This is how you will continue through the years of challenge upon challenge, success upon success.  Our Thrive Plan includes:

  • Sound Foundations & Homeschool Moms Want You to Know
  • How to Easily Build a Thriving Homeschool Course
  • Monthly 1 Hour Coaching Call
  • Daily Voxer Support
  • Personalized Homeschool Plan PDF


Our clients say

"Jennifer’s is an incredible listener which allows her to be able to formulate where exactly your struggle lies and what approaches will be best to try first as you attempt to help your child to succeed academically. She is always quick with an encouraging word and doesn’t judge. Her passion, combined with her education and experience, creates an atmosphere that fosters the ability for you to overcome the struggles you run into while homeschooling. So glad that she said yes to this calling for this much needed support for homeschoolers of all levels of experience."
Teresa J.
Veteran Homeschool Mom of 6
"I never planned to homeschool my children, but ended up pulling my son out of a harmful school situation very suddenly. My family had a very steep learning curve, and Sound Foundations has been a fantastic guide for us. From providing an introduction to different homeschooling methods, guiding families through crafting their own homeschool mission statement, and helping parents think through curriculum and scheduling details, this book is a great resource for those just starting out on homeschooling. Making the decision to homeschool can be very overwhelming, but Sound Foundations gives parents the information and guidance they need to think through both practical matters and their own family's values, and feel more confident starting out on this new journey."
Kim-Loi M.
New Homeschool Mom

Frequently asked questions

These resources can be used with any style of homeschooling. They are built for homeschool moms like just like you!

Homeschooling can be isolating. Most of the time it’s you and your child/children. As amazing as Johnny and Suzy are, moms need the support and encouragement of other who understand.

You can! Box curriculums are a booming business right now. Some are very good, some not so much. They can be useful, but also restrictive. Also, they are expensive. The Sound Foundations System will save you thousands of dollars by empowering you to plan your own year and build your own curriculum easily and quickly.

You’ve come to the right place! Family isn’t always supportive, mostly because they just don’t understand. Having the confidence, information, and solid groundwork will give you the tools to succeed, even without family support.

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