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How to Answer All Those Questions

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If you have been homeschooling for any length of time or are even just considering it, you know about the questions! Ordinary people all over have a laundry list of questions they unleash. They range from the bizarre to the intrusive. Most people are just clueless about homeschooling. Some are downright against it. Either way, here is how to answer the most common questions people will dish out.

What about Socialization?

Socialization, the great myth of the modern age. People need socialization to learn how to function. However, modern America (and much of the rest of the world) believes the only way to do this is in a school building where children are segregated by age, ability, and geographic location of their home. When else in life does this happen? Socialization means being able to interact with those who are different than you and function in the outside world. It seems school would be the last place to provide this! When asked about socialization, just tell everyone you have that covered and promise not to hide your children in a closet in between homeschool lessons. You can also refer them to this article!


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Is that legal?

Yes, it is! Homeschooling is completely legal in all 50 states, every Canadian province, and Mexico, along with most of the rest of the world.  If they don’t believe you, tell them to take it up with HSLDA!


Don’t You Want Your Children to Be Normal?

Define normal? Do you mean just like everyone else? Well, I want them to be productive, law-abiding, civic-minded adults who will provide a better future for our country and community. Every child is a unique and wonderful gift from God. Each one is normal because he is perfectly made to be just who he is. Normal?? Harumph! I want my kids to be exceptional, just like God designed them to be!

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So, You Want Your Children to Grow up without any Friends?

See socialization above. Most parents have been out of school for years, if not a decade or more before they begin homeschooling. Do you have friends? Where did you meet them if you aren’t in school? GASP! The same place people met other people for generations upon generations before public schools, out in the community. Homeschooling does not mean you are trapped at home. There are plenty of activities and opportunities to interact with other people.

How Do You Get Books? The State actually Allows That???

Okay, I have been asked this too many times. I laugh every time. As if books are held hostage by school districts and only teachers know how to read. You don’t need a textbook to learn, you only need a textbook to teach a large group of people in a systematic fashion. Sure, textbooks are useful, but any book can be used to learn. Also, last I checked buying textbooks was not an underground, illegal activity. Today there are endless possibilities for homeschool textbooks. We don’t need public school books, thank you very much!

How Will Your Child Get into College and Get a Job?

Lay on the guilt a little more thickly. First up, getting a job has nothing to do with going to public school or college. There are plenty of unemployed public school and college graduates. Secondly, the vast majority of homeschoolers go to college. There are actually colleges looking to admit homeschool students. Homeschooling provides more opportunity to apprentice, get on the job training, start a small business, or otherwise launch a career while peers are still in school for 8+ hours per day. More colleges and more colleges are looking for experience over standardized tests. Also, college is not the be-all and end-all, there I said it, look up the most influential people of the past century, most didn’t go to college!

What kind of questions is really bugging you?

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