I am Loved Retreat: The Royal Treatment

This is the second in a series of talks that go with the I Am Loved retreat how-to.

The Royal Treatment

In the last talk, we heard about loving and respecting our body.  What does that mean, though?  Our bodies are very special. They were designed by God and each of us is wonderfully made in our own unique way.  God designed our bodies perfectly, but we need to take care of them.  

Your body is growing and going through amazing changes, so it needs a little extra TLC.  Be sure to eat healthy foods.  Your body needs foods that are naturally colorful, and have lots of vitamins, protein, and fiber. Junk food, processed food, candy, and fried foods taste good but don’t give your body the fuel it needs.  It’s like filling your gas tank with water, it will fill it up but won’t get you very far.  Make sure to watch how much sugar you are eating and drink plenty of water.  I am sending out an email of resources after this retreat.  It will include ways to pick healthy snacks, articles about good nutrition, and some fun, but healthy recipes!  Remember, you only get one body, so take care of it. Can you name some healthy foods that you enjoy?

Another way to take care of your body is exercise.  Stay active and get plenty of fresh air.  Sunshine is a very important ingredient to a healthy life.  While you are soaking up the sun, take a walk, ride your bike, play a game of catch, go on the swings.  Exercise doesn’t have to be boring.  Playing a sport or running around your backyard is still exercise. Can anyone think of something they like to do that is like exercise but a lot of fun?

Along with your body, you need to nurture your mind.   Try to fill your mind with good things, just like your body.  Choose TV shows and movies where the characters are kind, respectful, and make good choices.  Read great literature.  Listen to music that sings of good, not evil.  Have good conversations. Try to learn something new every day.  Don’t use any drugs or chemicals that affect how your brain works, that includes staying away from artificial colors, sweeteners, and flavors in your foods.  

The most important part of you is your soul, it lives on for eternity. If you abuse your body, one day it will fail, but if you abuse your soul the repercussions will never end.  Does anyone know why God made us, it’s the answer to the first question of the Baltimore Catechism?.  What are some ways that we can take care of our soul?

As your body changes, you need to take extra care to have proper hygiene.  Get bathed often, especially after physical activity.  Wash your face everyday.  Wear deodorant daily.   In a little while, we are going to make some special treats to help pamper yourself and give you the royal treatment.

God designed your body perfectly.  You may be wondering why your body is changing or you may not like the changes you are seeing.  These changes are all a part of God’s Plan.  Our bodies were designed to become women and mothers.  Later, we will talk about being grown up and being a mother. However, now I just want you to know that you are designed just as you should be.  Your body is growing so that you can become a woman.  The way you look, how tall you are, what kind of hair you have, even the size of your shoe was all decided before you were born.  In the very instant that you came into being, God decided exactly what you would look like throughout your entire life and what special gifts He would give you.  These directions are written on a special code called DNA.  Sometimes we wish we were taller, or had curly hair, or smaller feet.  You have probably heard the expression the grass is always greener.  Has anyone ever felt that way? (show hands)  It’s important not to think that one person is better than another because of any particular characteristic.  God designed who you are and how you look, and God only make beautiful, wonderful things.  You have a special purpose. Every inch of you is fearfully made. You are a beautiful miracle!

We are going to now watch a short video that shows how special miracles, called babies grow and develop in their mother’s womb.  Scientists just discovered that when a new person is created, there is a remarkable flash of light.  In the instant a new baby is created, a bright flash happens, hidden deep in its mother’s body. No one can see it, but isn’t it amazing?  The light of God is blessing His newest miracle.  He was with you from the very second your life began.

Point out when heart starts beating, how baby seems inquisitive and shows emotions in the womb, etc during video.

After video:  Isn’t that incredible?  Did you see the baby opening and shutting his eyes?  Did you know that babies can see and hear in the womb?  A baby is learning for nine months about the world around him.  Babies, long before they are born, have a nervous system that can feel pain, hot and cold, and even react to tastes that he likes or dislikes.  I once saw an ultrasound that showed the baby’s reaction when mom ate different food.  When she had sour foods, the baby made a “yucky” face and when she had sweet foods he smiled and licked his lips.  It was so funny.


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