In God We Trust, that’s Why We Pay Cash

This is a short post but a little epiphany that came to me the other day and I wanted to share.  At a recent homeschooling conference, I had to bail a friend out because the vendor selling the books she needed would not take cash.  That’s right, they would take checks, credit, debit, anything but cash.  It is very curious, however, I have realized more and more how we have gotten away from the use of cash.  I am trying very hard to move in the opposite direction.  We do have credit cards and debit cards, although we have never carried a balance. {Actually, to be honest, I did carry a balance once because I wasn’t being frugal and attentive and figured I will just take a couple of months to pay.  I learned very quickly how much more it costs to do that and never did again!}  However, since I have moved from working part-time to being home full-time, I am trying harder to save a bit of money and manage my money better because there is significantly less of it.  It is proving a difficult transition, but I am making headway and have actually save about $200 over the past six months.

The main way that I have saved money is using cash because I can easily move a dollar or two to a “savings envelope” when ever I feel like it and that money is actually saved.  I am not just living under the illusion of saving big because of coupons, etc, which do have their place but do not put money in your pocket.  Anyway, I began thinking of how our culture is becoming one of the virtual.  Letter, pictures, bills, payments–everything can be accomplished at the click of a button, which is great sometimes, but we have lost something.  One thing we are losing is our focus on God.

In an all cash society, we were reminded daily of the foundation of our country and world.  “In God We Trust” is written on every piece of money produced by our mints.  I wonder how many people have not even seen a paper bill nor minted coin in the past year.  We are pushing God out of our finances with disastrous results.  When you are using cash and paying up front there is more of a sense of what is being spent, more of a chance to reflect on whether or not your purchases are necessary.  With cash it is easier to sacrifice what you have and give a bit to those in need.  Can’t do that with a debit card!

Money Wise with Howard Dayton is always quoting the scripture verse, “the borrower will be slave to the lender.”  In other words, debt holds us down.  We are trying desperately to find a way out of our mortgage debt because we want to be freer to serve God and country.  But, what about the lack of reflection on God that wiping out paper money creates.  Is it just another way to force God out of our land?  We in America are blessed with so much, even the poorest among us has more opportunities and resources than much of the rest of the world.  We have been blessed because we began as a nation centered on God. Now, we are becoming a nation centered on greed and consumerism.  We must remember that we may want that x.y, or z now, but we can survive without it.  We must trust God to provide for our needs, He promised that He will and He never goes back on a promise; and if we are to be indebted or enslaved to someone, let it be to the LORD whose yoke is easy and burden is light.

All of this is easy to forget and coveting has become a national past-time, so I am fully acknowledging that I do not always remember to rely fully on God and set my sights on the treasures of Heaven. I am human and living in a fallen world.  However, I am trying hard to remember that nothing I “have” is truly mine, it is all given to me through the LORD, and He is at liberty to take it back at any time.  We must be good stewards, but always detached from that which we are entrusted.

I’m going to close with a little story that my Godmother sent me years ago.  It was only a forwarded email, but it has stuck with me for over a decade.  There was a very, very rich man who had everything he could ever want and need.  One day, he was out to lunch with some friends and as they left the restaurant, he stooped down and gently picked up a penny that was lying on the sidewalk.  A friend laughed at him and said, “You have so much money, why are you picking pennies up off the ground?”  The rich man replied, “Do you see what it says here, ‘In God We Trust.’  Every time I see a penny on the ground, I pick it up and say a little prayer thanking God that we can trust Him so much.”

Trust in God and remember to thank Him for that!  He will never fail you, no matter what.  Even when all is lost, our God is able, faithful, and trustworthy always and forever.

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