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Active Indoor Games to Play During those Cold Winter Months

We woke up to an unexpected snowfall and squeals of delight from the two littlest. The snow is pretty but winter can seem to drag on and on….have no fear! If your kids are climbing the walls or making you feel like you might lose your mind at any minute if spring doesn’t come soon, our guest blogger, Sarah Bean has oodles of indoor fun!

Going through the book “Secrets of the Baby Whisperer For Toddlers!” we learned that Ellie and Will are both “spirited” children. Which means, Being active, involved, and loving to accomplish things. So since we are approaching colder months, we have decided to put together a list of Active Indoor games to help ease the boredom, so you can have plenty of fun and be active at the same time!!

winter fun indoors


  1. Headstands! See who can headstand the longest!
  2. Gymnastic competition- Compete with your somersaults, cartwheels, and rolling!
  3. Jumping Rope!
  4. Make an “Animal Cube” and act like the animal it lands on!
  5. Balloon ball! Try to keep the balloon of the floor
  6. Obstacle course: See who can be the next Ninja Warrior!
  7. Wheelbarrow, crab and bear walk races!
  8. Animal races: Pick an animal, and run like them. (Hopping like a frog or bunny, on all fours like a dog, etc)
  9. Follow the leader!
  10. Simon Says
  11. Red Light, Green Light!
  12. Dance party!
  13. Freeze dance: Turn on a song, and dance to the music. When the song stops, everyone must freeze!
  14. Scavenger hunt!
  15. Jumping jacks!
  16. Parachute: You take the edges of the sheet, and throw it up  in the air while everyone hides underneath as it falls.
  17. Clean up race: Turn on music, or set a timer and see who can clean up the fastest- whoever does gets a prize!
  18. Tickle tag
  19. Carnival: Set up carnival games and have your own carnival!
  20. Hallway bowling!
  21. Hopscotch (Use chalk outside, or tape or toys inside)
  22. Pillow fight
  23. Sock skating on tile or wood floors
  24. Bubble bashing: blow bubble and let your child try to smash them
  25. Wrestling
  26. Pushover parents: Plant your feet and see if your kid can budge you. If they push you and your foot moves, they win!
  27. Popcorn pushups: Put a small bowl of popcorn on the floor. Lower yourself down, like a pushup, and try to get a piece of popcorn just using your mouth.
  28. Bobbing for apples or donuts: Place apples in a bucket of water and try to get them out with just your teeth: or hang donuts on a string, and tie your hands behind your back, and try to get the donut off the string with just your teeth.
  29. Yoga moves! Do slow yoga and fast yoga.
  30. Animal charades: Write down some animals on a piece of paper, and place them into a bowl. Draw a piece of paper, and act out whatever animal is on that piece of paper!
  31. Catch with a Catch: Throw a ball or animal into the air and try to high five another  player before the animal or ball drops. For extra credit, high five and still try and catch the item that was thrown!
  32. Color walk: Pick a few different colors of paper, and lay them in a trail across a room. Then, try to get to the other side of the room, by only stepping on one color.
  33. The ground is lava! Lay down pillows and blankets, and try to hop across the room without touching the lava! (or the floor)
  34. Crab carry. Do a crab walk, while carrying something on your stomach.
  35. Cotton Ball Crawl: Dump a pile of cotton balls on the floor in your child’s bedroom and place an empty bowl on the floor in another room. Set a timer for four minutes, and have your child move all the cotton balls from his room into the bowl—using a spoon and crawling on hands and knees. The cotton balls are so light, they’re likely to go flying if he isn’t careful. If he makes it, challenge him to do it in 3 minutes!
  36. Mirror: Two people face each other, one person is “it”. Whoever is it, does the moving while the other person tries to copy them.
  37. Diaper changing competitions: See who can put a diaper on a baby doll the fastest
  38. Basketball hooping: Pick a container to be the “hoop” usually a basket. Try to get items into it by throwing them!
  39. Make a maze indoors! And try to get through it.
  40. Play imaginary in an indoor fort.
  41. Go on some other kinds of hunts: 1. Learning hunt. Look for things around your house to learn!
  42. String hunt! What’s that? Take a string and tie it to one spot. Then take it all over the house moving it around items, and follow it to see where the string goes!
  43. Make a homemade balance beam!
  44. Twister!
  45. Tie plastic bags around your feet and Skate on the carpet!
  46. Hula Hoop contests!
  47. Ring toss. Find a ring shape, and a pole shape and try to get the ring on the pole! (Cut out paper plate, and paper towel roll)
  48. Balloon tennis. Make a paper plate tennis racket and hit the balloon back and forth.
  49. Regular Charades!
  50. Pass back with a ball!!

I hope you enjoyed this list!! We decided to go the extra mile and write them down, fold them up and stick them in a jar. Then, it’s a surprise what game you are going to play next! And the kids get to be more actively involved in choosing what they are going to play!

Please leave us a comment of YOUR favorite active game!

About the author:

Hey! I am Sarah Bean, and I am a Christian Homeschooler with 1 Amazing Husband and 2 Beautiful Kids. Here at Raising Human Beans we hope to help Homeschool moms in all facets of life. Learning, Eating, Loving and Living! We want to share our passion for Christ in the ways we live, and Learn through everything. And I hope something we say, helps you on your Homeschooling way.