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Introducing the System of Success

Have you ever created something–a meal, a craft, a home improvement project–stepped back and thought, how did I do this, it is simply amazing? That is where I am right now. Basking in the glory and wonder of what my efforts have produced.

It has been quiet over here the past few weeks as I toiled away at my secret project. What started as a little glimmer developed into a massive project. However, I could not be happier with the results. It truly encompasses my mission of helping every mom easily build a thriving and successful homeschool for every child.

I honestly didn’t know how to introduce this. I wanted lots of fanfare, but to be honest, I am not a fanfare person. so, I turned to my greatest gift in times of need, I decided to write a blog post.

Building a Sound Foundation

In June, a colleague asked if I wanted to try out her system for producing an e-book. I jumped at the chance, dream come true material here. “Yes, that would be wonderful. I would love to write and release a book in April.”

“Jennifer, my plan was six weeks!”

OH! That was humbling. It was a wicked 6 weeks but I got a book written and published. However, what I wanted most was a “real” book. I realized that for the average homeschool mom, myself included, an ebook manual was not ideal–not to mention there was no way to fill in the worksheet pages on my Kindle.

Within weeks, I assembled a team of proofreaders, critics, and professionals to turn my humble e-book into a quality page turner. It has been three months now, and that book is about to become reality.

The Blossoming of a Mission

As I worked and worked on revising and improving this book (I honestly know believe that publishers deserve every penny they charge, self publishing was HARD work.) my mission grew and evolved far beyond simply publishing a book.

One idea sprouted four more and before I knew it, my project has blossomed and grown more than I could have anticipated when I crafted my tagline. Out of my manuscript grew a system to take any mom from making the life altering decision to homeschool through the day her last child graduates.

I get goose bumps just thinking about it!

The Finishing Touches

As my team and I refine the finishing touches of this signature system, I just had to let the cat out of the bag! Most of the system will be readily available next week, with the rest being released over the next month. By the time the Times Square ball falls on New Years Eve, the world will have met all of the Sound Foundation System!

Pinch me, now!

What’s Next?

Here’s the best part…….dum dud a dun…drum roll please! I am kicking my launch of the Sound Foundations System off with a massive, and I mean massive, giveaway valued at over $1,000! I am also offering coupons that will knock your socks off and save you tons of green as you build your thriving and successful homeschool.

For updates and and to enter my giveaway, please join me on my Facebook page or in my wonderful Homeschool Mom to Mom Group. 

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What have you been watching blossom and grow??