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How to Teach Children the Joy of Giving

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The season of giving is here, however, how often do we get caught up in getting instead of giving? The Christmas season is one that is marked by charitable works, kind gestures, and renewed faith in our Savior. At least, that is what it is supposed to be. What values do you want to instill in your children? Probably having a giving spirit pretty high on the list. It is easy to say to children that “it’s better to give than receive.” However, that doesn’t really teach them the joy of doing it. Plus, the media and society are pushing the shop til you drop mentality and continually encouraging children to ask for more and more.

Over the years, we have developed traditions that focus our family on the joy of giving to others. These traditions are precious to us and our children. One of our favorites is Saint Nicholas Day.  St Nicholas Day is an unofficial kick-off to the Advent season. We take the whole day off from schoolwork and celebrate. That may seem crazy with Christmas and New Year’s Day just a few weeks away. However, St Nicholas Day is a day for learning about giving, and that can’t be found in textbooks!

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What is the Joy of Giving?

In the end, we are preparing our children for Heaven, not Harvard. Part of this is learning the value of serving and giving to others. Advent and Christmas are the perfect time for this. Our Saint Nicholas traditions set the tone for our entire Christmas experience. It has never been about piles of presents and dreaming up all that we can get. Family time, giving of ourselves, prayer, and worship are the cornerstones to our Christmas seasons.

Even though Saint Nicholas Day is over, it isn’t too late to focus your children on the joy of giving this season. You can learn more about our traditions in my post on Life of a Homeschool Mom.