Just Say a Little Prayer for Me!

Several years ago, Cowgirl wrote a letter to Saint Nicholas asking for a special “grown-up” rosary for Christmas.  I try hard not to buy items made in China. It is nearly impossible to never buy any Chinese goods, however, I really try my hardest.  At the same time, I have such an appreciation for handcrafted items, especially when I can have a conversation with the crafter and custom design my gifts.  In my search for the perfect, affordable, beautiful rosary, I discovered Battle Beads.  The workmanship was excellent and the prices unbeatable.

In the process of designing Cowgirl’s rosary, I developed a rapport with Mary, the rosary maker.  In her final email, telling me that the rosary had been shipped, she wrote, “I feel like I need to bless you in a special way.”  The single phrase unlocked the flood gates of my heart.  I replied with an email detailing all the difficulties I had faced and was facing–my mother’s illness, my father’s death, my miscarried daughter, financial struggles, family hardships, crises of faith… on and on I wrote.  I hadn’t realized until that moment how much I needed to just let all that was pent up in my heart spill out.  Mary promised to pray for me and became a very dear friend.  She has always been there to check on me and pray for me when I needed it, in little matters and big.  While, Mary is the first person that I email when I need a rosary or chaplet for a gift, our bond goes much deeper than just vendor/client.

Mary has showered me with prayers for years, and I have returned the favor when asked, however right now she needs more prayers than I alone can give.  I am asking you, my readers, to pray along with me for this faithful and faithfilled woman who dedicates so much of her time in serving the LORD in prayer and work.

Mary has a list of physical struggles that have left her disabled and in need of help to keep up with her basic needs.  She suffers greatly but complains little.  Mary has been blessed recently with a caretaker who has helped so much in keeping her going so she can continue to spread the Good News and wage war with her “Battle Beads.”  However, Carl is presently very ill.  He has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  He is in pain, suffering physical struggles, and facing a very extensive surgery that will remove all or part of up to six major organs.  The cared for has become the caretaker. To say that Mary’s devotion to Carl despite her own struggles is inspiring does the situation no justice.

Please join me in praying for Carl’s health and recovery.  May God grant him healing and strength.  May the surgeon’s hands be guided well and the cancer be easily removed.  Please pray for Mary, that she may be able to stay strong, the her own needs may be met so that she can care for and nurture Carl.  Pray for their security financially and trust in the LORD.  Difficult situations can shake the faith of even the most steadfast believers, help Mary and Carl to fight this battle against darkness and win.  What ever you do, please just pray.

I know there is so much to pray for in this world.  We all receive prayer requests continually and it can be discouraging.  However, let us not be discouraged.  Let us pray for our brother and sister in Christ and not grow weary.  Please just offer a Hail Mary and Glory Be each day for these two precious souls.  I know that your small effort, multiplied over many with bear much fruit!

If you are so led, please also consider supporting Mary financially either by purchasing from her lovely shop or by donating to her ministry.  She profits very little monetarily from her efforts, but I know that she is truly rich in Heaven.  Even Jesus needed help with food and shelter when walking lonely roads and serving His Father in difficult lands.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for opening your heart to my special friend!  God bless!

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