Let’s Get Planning: 2016-2017

It’s September.  IT’S SEPTEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Did you hear the collective gasp across the country side as homeschool moms everywhere woke up to the reality!!

I really have been planning, it has just taken me so long to get settled on my plan this year.  I didn’t want to post my dithering and million updates and changes. However, seeing as school starts for the Academy of St Therese for the Glories of God next Tuesday, I have been dotting my i’s and crossing my t’s in a digital age sort of way.

In the next week I will have all our plans posted, including my Great Books Story Time curriculum for Little Man.  Please come back and be willing to lend your input.  Have a great school year everyone!

Coming posts:
Cowgirl’s 7th Grade Curriculum
Buddy’s 3rd Grade Curriculum
Little Man’s Preschool Story Time Curriculum
History–Civil War to World War I
Morning Basket Plans

How’s your planning going?

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