Let’s Get Planning: Buddy’s Lesson Plans 3rd Grade

Well, I decided not to reinvent the wheel this year.  I modeled his plans on Mater Amabilis, although I couldn’t help but do some tweeking and trimming here and there.  However, all and all it was much easier to start with a pre-made list of books and build from there.

OSV Catholic Encyclopedia (reference)
(Harp and Laurel Wreath–dictation and memorization)
Readers: Seton, Christian Liberty Press Nature Readers 1-3,
Writing: Nature Journal 10 mins daily
Audiobooks: (*all are public domain books available on Librivox or Loyal Books.)
Jo’s Boys by Alcott*
Little Men by Alcott*
Peter Pan by Barrie*
Five Little Peppers and How They Grew by Sidney*
Narration books:
National History:
Ancient History:

Ancient Civilizations by Cooke
Map work: Asia
People and Places:
Earth Studies: Extreme Environments
  1. Desserts
  1. Jungle
  1. Arctic:
Sea Life Notebooking pages by Harrington Harmonies (**See my affiliate link to the right, and stay tuned for a review of these pages.)
Music Appreciation: (on the go)
Masters of Classical Music
Practical Work:
Make a paracord belt
Learn to stack wood
Learn to cook on a fire
D’Nealian Cursive

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